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Independent investigation needed…for Democrats?

May 16, 2017

At the risk of sounding like tin hat conspiracy theorists, an awful lot of people are beginning to think that the unprecedented and highly coordinated  Democratic onslaught against President Trump may need more investigation than the President does.

Looking back at the last six months since Donald Trump was voted into office shows a highly focused media and political operation to have him removed from office, or at the very least to discredit him to the point that he cannot be effective.

Indeed the ink was hardly dry on his first official act as President before Democrats like Maxine Waters were planning to “lead him into” impeachment.

Given the laser-focused attacks from the left, could  his election have interrupted something far more serious than Hillary Clinton’s presidential dreams?

No one believes this is just a case of disappointed losers at this point.

In fact, this is starting to feel like one of those films where the mob thinks they have the fix in on a  prize fight, only to have the guy who was supposed to take a dive, step up and win. Shortly thereafter, he gets hit by a truck.

Take the current flap over whether President Trump  revealed some sort of classified intel that would expose foreign intelligence partnerships to the Russians on May 10.

As so many opposition news stories have been, this one is attributed to anonymous sources.

In contrast, named people like Rex Tillerson and NSA director McMasters are saying, it didn’t happen the way the Washington Post says it did. In fact they say, it didn’t happen at all.

Edit:  2:46 p.m. EST 5/16/17 It would be worthwhile to note that the last thing McMasters said, as he exited the press briefing on the President’s much hyped Russia meeting was that the President didn’t share any sensitive source information with the Russians, because he hadn’t been briefed on the sources and methods used to obtain the information. That’s something that is being left off of many of the video replays.

If it’s all that bad, don’t we need to know which White House insider, who must have either been present in the room or is very close to it, leaked it to the press?

Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t. But has everyone forgotten that President Obama went out of his way to publicly advertise our military strategies regarding anything to do with fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda? The enemy didn’t need intelligence operatives. All they had to do was read the New York Times, WaPo or the Huffington Post.

If Democrats were just targeting the President in one area, say the repeal of Obamacare, that would be a normal opposition.

But it is everything the man does, no matter how inconsequential.  He loosens the controls on school lunch menus, and immediately the former First Lady attributes it to his “hatred” of children.

It’s just a whole lot too far over the top. Nobody is wrong all the time.

People are starting to ask why it was so critical that Clinton be elected.  After all, Dems only have to wait four years to try again, or two years if you count the midterms. Why all the hysteria?

President Trump has made some of the missteps you might expect from someone far removed from the intrigue in Washington.  He may well make quite a few more, if he panders to fair weather backers like Ann Coulter (who apparently thought we elected a fictional hero like Harry Potter or Superman) who are whining because he hasn’t thrown any grenades into the Senate chambers yet.

It is fair to point out his actual mistakes. But the united and concerted effort to minimize him not just at home, but on the world stage smacks of something more than partisan politics.

Maybe it’s time to ferret out who has the most to gain, other than purely politically, by toppling him.

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