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Information overload.

May 17, 2017

Asked what he thinks of all the palace intrigue in Washington, one man last night spoke for many when he said “Screw all of them. They’re always going to have their little wars and they don’t know or care whether the country gets hurt in the process.”

That’s kind of where the country outside the insular world of the Beltway elites seems to be today.

One thing seems fairly certain.  This became a “hot” war, at least in political terms, when the media broke the story that James Comey says he made handwritten notes of his meetings in the White House.

If you’re a betting person the odds now look like 60/40 that there will be some sort of formal call for an “independent” investigation within the next 30 days.

How truly independent any such proceeding could be, given the events of the last six months, is uncertain at best and impossible at worst.

It’s unclear why Comey’s handwritten notes should be viewed with any less skepticism than President Trump’s offhand suggestion that there are tapes of his meetings with the deposed FBI director.

Mr. Comey probably does have handwritten notes.  For one thing, CYA is a skill all people dealing with politicians have learned, usually painfully. He’d also be a damn fool to claim to have them if he didn’t, and it fits with both his training and his personality.

However, at present we have only his word that the notes were created relatively contemporaneously with the time of the meetings. There are no assurances that they were created without any bias on his part or input from others. In short, unless they are verbatim transcripts recorded by a third party in the moment, they are suspect, and would be even if he hadn’t been fired.

On the other hand, President Trump has made claims that he’d better be able to back up. His naiveté and tendency to go it alone could well come back to bite him.

The opposition does not seem to have enough at present to impeach the President, although they have certainly made it no secret that impeachment by any means necessary was their goal from Day One.

Remember it was just 14 days after the inauguration when Maxine Waters was quoted by CNN as writing

Today, I told @cheddar that my greatest desire was to lead @realDonaldTrump right into impeachment.

3:25 PM – 3 Feb  (From a CNN screen grab of Ms Waters’ Twitter account)

What Democrats cannot, absolutely cannot, have happen is to go to war and then lose. Not after charging the President with everything from treason to insanity before and since the inauguration.

That only goes double for the President. If this does go to a formal investigation, sound bites, Twitter and bluster isn’t going to cut it. He’d better have the mother of all political intelligence bombs at hand.

Of course this could turn out to be a draw.  By forming a formal Democratic “resist” movement and so openly opposing Trump, not to mention individuals publicly vowing from the beginning to bring him down, Democrats have no credibility as defenders of the Constitution.

It’s just vaguely possible Trump really does have some sort of audio from the Comey meetings.

There is also the little matter of all those deplorables who voted for Trump. If Democrats take the President down, they take them down too.

Trying to disenfranchise 62 million people is a stretch,  even for Washington. Not impossible to be sure, but still a stretch.

Stay tuned. It’s gonna be one hell of a summer.

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