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The value of sanity.

May 18, 2017

It is actually funny watching some of the Resist movement backers trying to spin Robert Mueller’s appointment as their idea, even though it was Rod Rosenstein, a very recent Trump appointee, that broke the stalemate.

Politico led with the headline “Trump’s worst nightmare comes true”

Other outlets were more sanguine. Although not exactly nonpartisan, even CNN recognized that the game has changed.

The upside for the country is that no matter the findings, both sides will have to accept them.

For their part, the White House spokespeople initially said about the only thing they could,  expressing confidence that the highly decorated former Marine and FBI director (September 4, 2001 to July 27, 2011) will eventually exonerate the President.

Mueller left the FBI with pretty good reviews from both sides of the aisle. He was reported to be tough but fair, and for not dragging things out unnecessarily. He has been politically silent since leaving office.

He certainly got his political trial by fire when the towers fell just one week after he took the reins at the FBI.  He personally has nothing to prove to anyone, and he is said to have little patience with political drama from either side of the political spectrum.

Interestingly, Jim Comey was a sort of protégé of Mueller’s. He may be heaving a sigh of relief that all the work the FBI has done to date will not be wasted or shoved aside simply for political purposes, as well as feeling that at least he and the agency will get a fair shake.

There’s bound to be a back story to the appointment, including Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s previous professional association with the two most recent FBI directors, Mueller and Jim Comey. If there is criticism of this appointment, that seems to be where it will start.

Of course the media will pick at and parse everything to suit the meme of the moment from now until he issues his final decision.

It is to be hoped that the White House will simply chill out about the FBI investigation, given that protesting about leading it back to its law enforcement roots makes it sound like there may be some flames under the smoke.

This would be a perfect time for the President to switch from “poor little me” to “let’s get my agenda moving.”

As for the Resist movement, they will trifle with this special counsel at their peril. For now, they have been checkmated, if only they are smart enough to see it.

As for the country  at large, most people are focused on their own lives, not the swirling cesspool that is Washington. Tomorrow we’ll hear from one of those Americans.

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