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Bad PR spin serves no one.

May 23, 2017

Political spin. Most of us know it when we see it, and the White House PR department just served up a mega-helping of PC, and did it badly.

Specifically that President was so exhausted that he accidentally slipped up and said “Islamic extremism” instead of the more hair-splitting Islamist extremism.”


Just like President Reagan slipped up when he admonished Gorbachev to “…tear down this wall.”

That President Trump is exhausted is easy to buy. It’s a very ambitious overseas trip. Jumping time zones like a kid playing hopscotch and a schedule that has him flying out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  at 11:30 p.m. and in a meeting at 6:30 a.m. in Israel would be a lot for a guy half his age, especially one already known for meager downtime.

But that he didn’t know what he was saying in his address because he was tired?

That’s little harder to swallow, considering past history, but it still isn’t the story.

What’s truly hard to understand is why calling a spade a spade is a “gaffe.”  Subtle nuances aside, it’s true. And, it was on point with the whole tone of his visit, namely that moderate Islam has a responsibility to stand up against the people using a medieval and radical interpretation of Islam, but still Islam, to justify acts of terror throughout the world.

After all, the first “I” in ISIS doesn’t stand for Iowa.

Even given the time and place, calling terrorism committed in the name of, or under the cover of the banner of Islam by what it is shouldn’t have overly offended any of the audience. Most of them are probably cognizant that the terrorists aren’t connected to a Christian religion.

Perhaps it did offend, and someone complained to the Saudi press. Maybe they have their own version of the Huffington Post in Saudi Arabia and that outlet chose to make an issue of it.

The point the President was making is that if there are peaceful Muslims who don’t want their whole religion and culture to continue to be stained by the ISIS brush, then they have to create distinctions that both the faithful and the world can see.  Right now, all non-Muslims see are images from 9/11 or San Bernardino or Paris, and now, Manchester.

It’s possible that the White House PR team was trying to defend the President against our own PC media and political extremists. You know, the ones that think we are all residents of the same fantasy world of peace and harmony.

Somehow, implying that he is a tired old man who can’t stand up to the rigors of his job doesn’t seem to be the way to deflect criticism.

It’s impolite and downright idiotic to assume you know what was in someone’s mind at a given moment.  Maybe the President did forget or misspoke what line he was supposed to say next.

And maybe not.

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