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What’s really behind the leaks?

May 26, 2017

It isn’t just President Trump who wants the leaks in Washington stopped.

Now the Brits are singing in the same choir.

In their never-ending quest to be relevant, the news media published details of the British investigation into the Manchester bombing. Details the British authorities never intended to make public.

Now, it’s not likely that the New York Times has a deep cover mole in MI5.  Someone over there leaked the photos and case notes to the press. Maybe a stringer got a few bucks for sending them to the NYT. Either that, and maybe more likely,  it was someone in or very near one of our intelligence services. The FBI, the NYPD and other agencies are known to have counterterrorism personnel in liaison offices in Britain.

According to the Guardian, the British authorities had already admonished the U.S that any shared information was to be kept confidential.

Confidential? In our intelligence agencies? Surely you jest.

It’s unsettling to contemplate someone leaking even domestic information for their own gain, whether it’s monetary or political. This goes beyond that.

Whether you think President Trump is a Russian agent or not, the net effect of publishing evidentiary information collected by another country is to help the bad guys, in this case, ISIS terrorists.

Knowledge is power, and now  other terrorists and wannabes know what the detonator looked like, and roughly how powerful the charge was, and any members of a cell know what not to buy or do for a while.

That’s not even remotely meant to suggest that the NYT intended to, as they say, offer aid and comfort to the enemy. It just means they are stupidly wrapped up in pursuing their own agenda, to the point they can’t even think of how their actions affect others.

Probably this was just another attempt to sabotage the President, to make him look bad in front of world leaders. Rightly or wrongly, he is presumed to be able to control what happens in his own country

The theme of every MSM newscast since the leak has been that it is Trump who caused it, some accusing him directly of being the leak, and others saying it was the “culture” of his administration. That’s bad enough.

It’s a lot worse if there is a clandestine element behind it.

There is already speculation that someone with access to many levels of the government, maybe someone in the security services, is behind the majority of the leaks. That’s based on the leaking of the exact transcripts of the President’s conversations with foreign leaders, among other things.

And now there reportedly is actual proof that the NSA, during the Obama administration, was not just surveilling ordinary citizens, but unmasking them on a routine basis, even when the actual information was innocuous.

Never mind the political overtones of that revelation.

What about the national security implications?

Why would anyone at the NYT, even the newest cub reporter, think that it was OK to get and then publish details of an ongoing terror investigation, especially one in another country?

Yet defend it they do, on the grounds that it is newsworthy and because the pictures weren’t graphic.

Either that person is an egotistical narcissist, or someone wants to help the bad guys.

Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise us.  After all, there are people in New York who are OK with honoring a man who embraced the FALN’s terror campaign of the 1970’s and ’80’s. That man was fingered by another FALN member for teaching people to make the bombs that among other things, killed four New Yorkers in 1975.

Again, that affects us here, but the NYT leak affected an overseas ally.

Certainly, the Brits received a setback in their investigation with the publishing of the pictures and names, and that directly affects their national security.

Moreover, if the Brits do cut us out of the intelligence loop, it hurts Americans too. What country would want to share anything with us, if it is going to wind up as front page news?

Maybe it’s a step too far to connect the White House leaks to a formal network. Still, the coordinated and unprecedented attempts to undermine President Trump and thus undermine our government are becoming harder to rationalize as simply “sore loser syndrome.”

When you involve another country’s government, the whole thing starts to look somewhat more serious than just a ratings war or a political power play.

Although President Trump was right to order the Justice Department to investigate the Manchester investigation leaks, it sort of feels like calling on the fox to investigate who is raiding the henhouse.

At least the Justice Dept. may not have to log too many air miles do the investigation. They can start within a dozen miles of their office.

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