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Déjà Vu.

June 1, 2017

If you’re still wondering why Donald Trump won the election, Hillary Clinton was nice enough to give you an instant replay of her campaign yesterday.

Her litany of excuses went on and on and on. It was actually painful to watch.

Everything from a bankrupt DNC that she alone managed to rescue to Macedonian content writers received a share of the blame.

In her mind, the Russians have gone from being the masterminds of Trump’s victory to being mere lackeys, subservient pawns in his hands.

OMG. R U kidding, old girl?

Logically it’s hard to explain why anyone would give her that platform.  Hopefully no one will again, assuming the Democrats actually ever want to win another election.

Even people who voted for her found that remarkable diatribe far removed from reality.

If this is the new face of the “resist” movement, all President Trump and the Republicans have to do is keep quiet and let the movement pass away peacefully.

Which brings us to the other half of the “been there, done that” moment, and maybe the only positive thing Hillary’s pity party may have accomplished for his enemies.

That would be to troll the President.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, the President just had to tweet about the otherwise ludicrous Clinton appearance.

With all due respect sir, you won, she lost.  ‘Nuff said. Move along.

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