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Sky scaffolding needed.

June 2, 2017

That’s because the heavens are now officially falling.

What happened?  President Trump did another thing he promised to do while campaigning, and pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Just ask any environmental group if the world has now officially ended. Or Al Gore. Or the French President or Germany’s Angela Merkel. Oh. Never mind, they have already proclaimed it to be so.

Has everyone on the left just donated their brains to science?

What else can you make of the main stream media mouthpieces, who solemnly declared the United States had just resigned as the leader of the free world?

Or was it that we resigned from being the patsy of the free world?

And then there was the  ACLU, which immediately termed it racial injustice.

What, black people don’t need jobs too?

While it’s hard to say why it will take until 2020 to pull out of something that was never more than an informal agreement in the first place, pull out he did.

Unlike real treaties, this one was never submitted to or signed off on by Congress.

The rumors of retaliation came swiftly, in the form of speculation that the European Union would start imposing a carbon tax on anything and everything U.S., from airlines to cars to grain products.

And that pretty much sums up why Obama agreed to it in the first place.

Wealth redistribution.

It was always about the money, or more accurately, redistributing the money.

Article Four, section 2,3 and 4  of the Paris Climate Agreement reads as follows (bolding added):

  1. Each Party shall prepare, communicate and maintain successive nationally determined contributions that it intends to achieve. Parties shall pursue domestic mitigation measures, with the aim of achieving the objectives of such contributions.
  2. Each Party’s successive nationally determined contribution will represent a progression beyond the Party’s then current nationally determined contribution and reflect its highest possible ambition, reflecting its common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances.
  3. Developed country Parties should continue taking the lead by undertaking economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets. Developing country Parties should continue enhancing their mitigation efforts, and are encouraged to move over time towards economy-wide emission reduction or limitation targets in the light of different national circumstances.

That’s cold, hard cash folks. Former President Obama committed the United States to 3 billion dollars for the first five years, and has already sent one-third of that amount out of the country.

What would a better agreement look like?

Well, here’s an idea.

Why not take half of that three billion dollars and purchase, at cost plus ten percent, however many domestically produced solar arrays it will buy, and distribute them free of charge to the worst polluting cities or areas in the United States? Mitigation commitment met.

Take the other half and purchase either wind power installations or solar arrays, as appropriate to the needs of specific nations and distribute those to the world’s poorest countries.

We get jobs, U.S. companies get income and employment in those domestic clean energy industries is virtually guaranteed for the foreseeable future.

Further, developing nations immediately get a clean power source, and the U.S. gets to help the poorest nations with tangible, trackable items of immediate, measurable value.

What’s wrong with that picture?  Well for starters, thieving politicians in other countries wouldn’t be able to siphon off U.S. dollars into their own pockets. That’s not a negative for us, but it sure wouldn’t be welcomed by nations where the payment of graft is a normal way of doing business.

The MSM attacks.

Of course the first thing the media tried to do was debunk the facts the President used.  tried hard to prove his statistics wrong, but in the end, even that group had to grudgingly admit that the statistics as he used them did exist, or at the very least his conclusions (as in the example of India’s coal production) were theoretically possible.

There were howls of disbelief when EPA head Scott Pruitt noted that the U.S had already reduced emissions by 18%, as far back as the period of 2000-2004, long before Barack Obama.

It’s kind of like some court cases. You bring your expert, and we’ll bring ours.

Another thing that was totally overlooked was when the President said, as he did while campaigning, that the U.S. was not looking to go back to the bad old days of unrestrained pollution.

Even while campaigning, then citizen Trump said he was fine with developing alternate energy sources, as long as they weren’t so expensive that no one could afford them.

He reiterated today that the nation would still commit to the best environmental practices that did not disadvantage us economically.

And there’s the rub. The world view is that if it doesn’t hurt the U.S. economically,  then it has to be bad.

The whole climate change movement was largely popularized here by a disgruntled presidential candidate named Al Gore, and you better believe he was ticked off at the rednecks who voted for that evil Texas oilman, George W. Bush.

If you believe with all your heart that climate change is real and wholly man-caused, and the United States is the single most evil polluter on the planet, then this just gives you another reason to hate the country and the guy who says he wants to make it great again.

That’s OK…Germany is taking all comers. France’s Marcon would probably let you in too.

There are those people out there, like the lady that told this writer she would gladly pay $50 for a light bulb if it saved energy.

There are other people who don’t see it that way, and they won a round this time.

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