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TWTWTW, 2017 version

June 3, 2017

Which is short for “That Was The Week That Was.”, a satirical treatment of the news popularized in 1964 and ’65  in the U.S. and on British TV beginning on a Saturday in 1962, it was hosted by the late David Frost.

It could be bitingly funny, and it nearly always exposed the ridiculous side of the media, not to mention the gullibility of the public. You can view a few clips here, although unless you are aware of the current events of the time, you may not quite get it.

The current crop of late and late, late shows can’t touch it, perhaps because in addition to being a part-time comedian, Mr. Frost was also a pretty decent journalist.

Lord, how apropos that program, also known as TW3,  would be today.

Let’s see.   Let’s pretend we are the producers of that show trying to pick just a few stories to cover for this week’s show.

Well, there’s the week-long obsession with covfefe.  Not even astute enough to realize they were being punked and exposed for the shallow knee-jerkers they are, the media has kept that one going for the whole week, albeit ably abetted by the equally clueless entertainment industry.

Then you have a gnat-brained insult comic, apparently off her meds, who held up a mask of a sitting president’s head drenched in blood and then has the unmitigated stupidity to complain about being visited by the Secret Service. Seriously, when even your fellow insult comics call you out on Twitter for your lack of class, maybe it’s time to shut up and slither away quietly.  Or, you could hire a lawyer and really show off your ethics and mental state.

And of course there is the over-the-top meltdown over the Paris Accord. That one doesn’t even require script writers. Just run a montage of headlines and video clips and edit in some vaudevillian pratfalls and damsel in distress scenes for contrast. What a wonderful employment opportunity that would be for some Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy impersonators!

Oh man. If you can’t make a half-hour’s satirical television from those, you’d better be applying for unemployment.

Ah well, another week and more material looms.  Ain’t it great?

TWTWTW.  Stay tuned.

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