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Special counsel tainted?

June 9, 2017

Following his admission under oath that he was maneuvering to get a special counsel appointed because he “knew” Jeff Sessions was going to recuse himself from the Russiagate investigation there are now questions about Robert Mueller as well.

It always did look strange, despite Mr. Mueller’s apparently sterling record as the FBI director immediately preceding Comey, that Comey’s close friend and mentor was appointed to oversee the investigation.

Now it looks just a little too cozy for comfort.

The most remarkable part of Comey’s testimony yesterday was the former director’s repeated assertions that he was too intimidated by the President to even mention that perhaps the private meetings were inappropriate.

How a man grows to 6’8″ and runs the FBI without a backbone to match is somewhat hard to understand.

Yet Comey would have us believe that as the most powerful cop in the land, he couldn’t even work up the courage to say that the private meetings were compromising his investigation.

Somehow, at the end of the public testimony this all felt, sounded and smelled very Hoover-like.

There is no doubt that President Trump was wrong, or at least stupidly naïve, to meet privately with Comey given the ongoing investigations, not to mention the blatant animosity from every former Obama administration holdover.

In fact, following this testimony it might behoove the President to make sure he is never alone with anyone like that ever again.

So which is it? Is Comey a gutless wonder playing both ends against the middle to keep his job, or did he simply get caught trying to run a sting on the President?

If the President’s legal team does in fact press for a deeper dive into the machinations and political intrigue Mr. Comey revealed, this could get a lot smellier than it is now.


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