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Putting people before politics.

June 13, 2017

One of the reasons Donald Trump, candidate, made an impact was his practical, people-centered problem-solving philosophies.

It was no secret early on that he has little interest in the politics of the job if they don’t produce the desired result, and that basic fact is the source of much of the current conflict.

This entire week is dedicated by the White House to correcting the skills imbalance in this country through better workforce development.

In the meantime the over-refined, perpetually self aggrandizing opposition is hard at work ridiculing that agenda as being out of touch with modern realities.

The reality for real people is any type of middle class work has been denigrated as beneath our increasingly effete society members to consider as a way of making a living.

That attitude was made crystal clear by a reporter at yesterday’s press briefing by Secretary Acosta, when that reporter said that “many people” equated modern apprenticeship programs with indentured servitude.

It’s also evident in many businesses today, when they limit even entry-level jobs paying eight to ten dollars an hour to degree holders only.  Then they wonder why college graduates holding tens of thousands of dollars in personal debt won’t even apply.

That reporter’s single, ill-informed and frankly ridiculous question pinpoints why our country is not prospering today.

Today’s apprenticeship programs marry modern technology to human hands.

For instance, the modern auto mechanic may still need to remove a faulty starter manually using hand tools, but the diagnostics are done using state-of-the art technology. lists the median salary for a skilled auto mechanic  in Houston TX at $55,000 annually, with a top of well over $65K. A skilled aircraft mechanic trained to work on jets is listed at over $95,000 median, annually, with the top range well over 100K.

If you can stand a little grease under your nails, that’s not too shabby.

The problem with those two jobs is that you have to acquire the skills necessary by being willing to work hard in conditions that don’t resemble corporate boardrooms much.

Much has been made since the election of the Democrats failure to engage with the working class. That was by design, not by accident.

In truth, they fear the working class, because it by nature is not as susceptible to being chained to Washington with promises of guaranteed incomes and free everything. The party fears what it cannot control, and a prospering people are a lot harder to control.

There may come a time when machines and AI-controlled devices inherit the world, but that day is not today, however much Silicon Valley wishes it to be so.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to growing national revenues by increasing personal incomes, but to deny an entire segment of the population a chance to make a decent living purely for political purposes shouldn’t even be on the table.

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