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Trump’s coat tails, or smart voters?

June 21, 2017

Georgia, or at parts of four counties, is still red.

The national media wants to make it all about the Trump effect.   Oh yes, and the rain. Apparently Democrats, never ones to accept reality, are blaming the rain.

Of course the Atlanta area averages 49.72 inches of rain a year, but hey, any excuse in a pinch.

Maybe it did have a little bit to do with the President.

Voter preferences, their approval if you will, for President Trump have actually increased from the total on the day before the November  election according to some polls.

According to Gallup, 35% of voters were solidly for Trump then. A recent Pew poll shows that  number to be 39% now.  Not great, but not a loss in backing either.

Of course you have to remember, these are the same pollsters who predicted a Clinton win, but as they say, ya gotta start somewhere.

It also might not have had anything to do with President Trump.

It could be that Georgia District Six is just smarter than your average Hollywood actor or DNC hack.

After all, why would they want to elect someone who owes his allegiance to funders that don’t even live near the district?

Of course Mr. Ossoff didn’t live there either, although he was raised in the district. A small bump in the road that may have become a roadblock.

To his credit, he made a race out of it late, by dropping the “we exist to hate Trump” line and attempting to convince voters that he actually cared about them.

The DNC on the other hand failed to notice that this is a local race. By trying to make it a national statement about far-left California and New York values, they fell back on the same failed messaging that cost them the election in 2016.

Given the nonstop attempts to discredit the President, you have to wonder how large the margin would have been if all the negative garbage wasn’t clogging the drains.

It would be wrong to place too much national import on this special election.  Ultimately, voters will decide if they like what the President has accomplished by November 2018, and whether they think electing or retaining their members of Congress will help or hinder the agenda.

Still, given the attitude of Tom Perez, you have to wonder why Democrats are so dead set against the voters they claim to love.


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