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GOP whiffs, again.

June 28, 2017

It seems that it wasn’t just Democrats that were betting on Hillary winning the White House.

Republicans obviously didn’t have a plan to govern.

And they most certainly didn’t count on having someone in the White House who wouldn’t accept gridlock as the status quo.

It’s not that they aren’t trying hard to convert him. In one way or another various members of Congress manage to repeatedly interject the idea that the President just needs to hop on the gravy train, and shut the hell up about making America great again.

What they’ve missed is that America didn’t elect Donald Trump to go along to get along.

There is a lot of talk about Mitch McConnell bribing senators with special funding for their districts to get AHCA legislation on the books, ala the Cornhusker kickback.

Pundits have made a lot out of the President picking Obamacare as his first battle, calling it a mistake. What that decision has accomplished is to show America quickly, well in advance of the 2018 midterms, which elected officials are only protecting their own behinds and which ones actually want to work for the American people.

Note to Republicans.  Voters have long memories and increasingly shorter fuses.

Take the healthcare debacle for instance. For seven long years, Republicans ran a con job on the people, but it’s now obvious they didn’t have anything but campaign speeches.

Hell hath no fury like a voter scorned.

More people are beginning to think the best fix is simply an all-out repeal of Obamacare or failing that, just letting it die on its own.

When they hear elected officials saying that Congress functions only when in crisis mode, the reaction is increasingly “You want a crisis? Great, we’re willing to give you a crisis.”

That doesn’t mean they buy into the Democrats full-on government control of healthcare either.

It’s obvious that government run healthcare doesn’t work even on a limited level.  Turning your personal health decisions completely over to Chuck Schumer, Ezekiel Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi clones should be enough to give every American nightmares.

Republicans are hanging by a very frayed  rope. They may find out just how frayed over the holidays, hopefully in a peaceful way.

There is still a very small window of opportunity for GOP senators to finally make the right moves between now and August,  but it’s closing fast.

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