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Media bias driving protests.

July 5, 2017

As expected, there were protests taking place yesterday.

Groups lined up to shout slogans and obscenities, throw things and move out of designated areas to attempt to create chaos before and during the July 4th holiday.

KGW-TV, a  Portland, OR channel, posted a report and video on one such incident that turned violent, between the so-called anti-fascists and pro-Trump supporters that seems to be typical of that behavior.

Other video from various sources show signs proclaiming that the plans being developed by Republicans (none of which have even been voted on yet by both houses of Congress) were kicking people off Medicaid, dooming thousands to death and so on and so forth.

If your eyes are glazing over, that’s understandable. This isn’t exactly news.

What is significant is that more than ever before, some media outlets are actively participating in actual creation of (dare we say it?) fake news.

Take the claim that people will be forced off Medicaid by “draconian” funding cuts.

If you clicked on the link in a previous post, you, as an informed news consumer, know that funding for Medicaid is not going to go down, it will only rise at a much slower annual rate than liberals would prefer.

The problem is, virtually no one reads the various attempts at reforming or repealing Obamacare.

First, none of them are any more than conjecture at present, so reading them now is kind of an exercise in futility for the average person.

Second, unless Republicans can get it together, it’s highly likely that Obamacare will just collapse under its own weight before something different ever gets sent to the President’s desk.

Still, that doesn’t stop outlets like MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post and of course,  the New York Times from extracting a few words here and there and presenting them as established fact.

That has become so commonplace that it has passed out of the realm of simply a fight over ratings and subscribers.

A large percentage of the misnamed free press outlets have simply become megaphones for the resist(or more accurately, the take-over) movement.

There is nothing “free” about a press corps or media conglomerate that only not presents but manufactures views from only one side of the conflict.

It’s actually laughable that the same media whose “stars” are now worrying about their own safety were actively approving of the actions that put several members of Congress or their staff members in the hospital after one nut decided to use them for target practice.

Granted, that is not the sort of tit for tat we should be wishing for, but it is interesting how quickly opinions change when the shoe is on the other foot.

It would behoove everyone in the media to take a step back and revisit a journalism 101 class. Either that, or register news outlets as employees of the appropriate political party, so no one expects any objectivity.

In the meantime, it is to be hoped that when violence breaks out at these “rallies” the media gets some of the credit for the situation.

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