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Comrade Wilhelm?

July 7, 2017

What the hell is up with the current Mayor of New York City?

OK, we know the Mayor, now known as Bill de Blasio, but born Warren Wilhelm Jr., is a socialist.  He’s made that uncommonly clear throughout his political life.

But since when does the Mayor of New York City fly to Germany to “join the anti-capitalist demonstrations”? Especially right after a NYC police officer was assassinated in his city, apparently just because she was a cop.

He also missed a swearing-in ceremony for a class of new officers, but that’s actually a good thing.  His presence there would have added nothing to the ceremony

Although there are probably no legal grounds to do so, when the Mayor attempts to return to the U.S., it would be just if he was simply turned away and sent back to Europe.

There is bound to be some black clothing and a mask that would fit him left over after the mobs have dispersed.

This wouldn’t be a  good thing for any U.S. Mayor to do, but for the Mayor of the city so grievously wounded by terrorists on 9-11 to do so is particularly distasteful.

If you have any lingering doubts about where the far left stands on the issue of the United States, this should dispel any left-over skepticism.

Governor Cuomo should relieve him of his office, but since this is bound to be spun as an issue of free speech and free will, that’s not likely to happen.

Since free speech is still supposed to apply to everyone, it would not be out of place for the Mayor to get a look at a hostile demonstration while deplaning, back in the country that he hates so much.

The country that still protects his rights, no matter how little he deserves them.

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