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Fantasy journalism.

July 10, 2017

Some people apparently got more out of the G20 party than others.

There were some substantive moments at the summit, but you’d never know it from some of the “news” coverage.

MSNBC, and their “journalist” Chris Mathews  apparently have a rating system for “manspreading”. Now if he would just publish the exact distance or angle between knees that qualifies on that scale, maybe we could all play fantasy journalism.

The only thing that could have possibly been newsworthy about that would have been if both Putin and President Trump had appeared without clothes on their nether parts.

And of course there was the misogynistic left going off the deep end over Ivanka Trump. And you wonder why people want a viable third-party option?

Nothing that happened and was reported on publicly this time, or at any of these show host’s performances has much to do with real politics, and even less with journalism.

The G20 minus one reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Accord. Such a surprise!

On the other side, some of the reported dialogue attributed to the President was, well, odd, but you’d never know it from listening to some of his media acolytes.

If, and it’s a big if, there was anything substantive, much less new, recorded in Hamburg, it was the length of the Putin-Trump confab.

Even then, the biggest draw for the MSM was whether or not they could use it to pile on the President.

That is no surprise.  Whether you agree with everything President Trump does or not, expecting unbiased journalism would tend to place you in the realm of the hopeless romantic.

Some media outlets slightly more friendly to the President noted the Russian president’s comment regarding his personal impression of our guy as being different than his TV persona.

Given that this was Vladimir Putin speaking, one could reasonably assume that this was thought out well in advance, his off-hand comment about “not knowing how this will sound” being a dead giveaway. Of course he knew how it would sound.

It sounded like maybe he might have underestimated the man he was facing.

Even if that’s true, that doesn’t mean much in the great scheme of international politics. Mr. Putin has been a player for a very long time.  Slight adjustments in the game plan are well within his capabilities.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

If the cease-fire is still completely in place a month from now, that would be significant.  Russian forces might seem to be complying, while Assad’s forces shoulder the burden of being the bad apple in the barrel.  That gives the Russians deniability should an American or two get shot, or a plane gets smoked.

If on the other hand the ceasefire stays firm, then we have a different storyline.

On balance it’s fair to say that President Trump’s two overseas visits have been largely successful from a PR and even from a political standpoint.

Still, if you are holding your breath waiting for the MSM to handle these stories objectively, you probably should breathe.

In the meantime, maybe we can have the MSM work on that scoring scale we were talking about earlier. After all, it’s still a little early for fantasy football.

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