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Russia. Again. Sigh.

July 12, 2017

OK, let’s stipulate that we agree with Don Jr.  In retrospect, meeting with anyone from Russia was a bad move. Hopefully everyone on the Trump team has gotten the message on that by now, but this took place over a year ago.

Of course then his father hadn’t won the election, and the only people who may have known that early that Russia was pussyfooting around the campaign worked for Barack Obama.

So why is this important now?

From outside the Beltway, the motive would seem to be to have grounds to block any future Trump appointee, particularly the post of FBI director, from delving deeper into the corruption in the FBI, or any other intelligence services.  Watch for someone to ask Mr. Wray whether he will recuse himself from any area that the Special Counsel might possibly be investigating.

Editorial Update: The question of whether Mr. Wray would refrain from “interfering” with the Special Counsel came at 10:37ET from Diane Feinstein. Mr. Wray’s answer seemed to be that he would keep the committee “informed” and would so refrain.

This meeting with a former Russian prosecutor was so amateurish that the act itself belies any evil intent. If you are going to meet with a Russian spy or operative, why would you arrange do it at the campaign’s  headquarters, using your personal email?

Even more ridiculous is the thought that a true Russian plant would be that stupid. Once unmasked, your life would be worth about as much as a plugged nickel. We wish Ms. Veselnitskaya  good health going forward.

Nevertheless, it’s just another off-key chorus in a bad song.

Incidentally, isn’t Ukraine the country wanting us to protect them from Putin? After the Politico story that they were working against the President and supporting Clinton?  How does that work? Just politics as usual, apparently

One of the things that rang absolutely true in the campaign was candidate Trump’s admission on TV that he was surprised and even shocked by just how dirty the political game really is.

It’s safe to say he didn’t know the half of it then.

One of the real concerns voiced by late-to-the-party Trump voters was whether a true political novice could cut the mustard while immersed in the petri dish that is Washington D.C.

It’s safe to say their reservations were well-founded.

There were, and are, a lot of unforced errors. Some of the so-called veteran campaign staff that served on the Trump campaign, particularly Pence and Sessions, should have given better counsel, and in all fairness, President Trump needs to accelerate his learning curve and listening skills by about 200 percent.

It’s only fair to say that the President makes a lot of off-the cuff remarks that he obviously doesn’t think about before he opens his mouth, i.e. the one about working with Russia on cyber security.  His brain seems too often seems to be about two steps behind his tongue. That’s on him.

But let’s face it.  There are dozens of not hundreds of Democrats that sound like they are refugees from guys with big butterfly nets. We have to hope no one captures all of them at once, or the halls of Congress are going to be a pretty empty place.

For the record, America is getting damn tired of it.  If Dems and yes, some Republicans, spent a quarter as much time working FOR America, instead of AGAINST Trump, maybe some things would improve.

What goes around comes around.  2018 isn’t that far away and Americans have long memories.

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