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Your take – Did Don Jr. damage his Dad?

July 13, 2017

Well, let’s just say most people think he didn’t help.

“Jim”, a staunch Trump defender says,

“Look, this new bunch of crap didn’t need to happen. This was sloppy on the part of not just Junior, but Manafort and Kushner as well. Maybe this was a #2 son trying to score brownie points with Dad. But even though this happened before the Trump derangement syndrome outbreak, someone like Paul Manafort should have made a note of it and made sure the President knew about it.”

“Margaret” agrees.

“Look, Mr. Trump is a smart man. Once he could see how vicious the left was going to be after the election, he should have sat everybody down and told them that they had better not step in it  even once. Instead we have this ridiculous Russia narrative, that everyone can see is nothing more than an attempt to foil the will of the people, and the White House seems incapable of keeping their own house in good order.”

“Tom” says,

“Given all this bilge water he’s swimming in, I think Mr. Trump is still doing a lot of good things. Illegal immigration is down 60%. The Supreme Court upheld his travel order. Gorsuch is on the bench. People are going back to work. Businesses feel better about the future than they have in years. I still think he’s got to get a better team around him and stay on message.

For instance, why did he nominate another FBI insider? Surely there must have been someone out there with law enforcement experience that didn’t come from inside the FBI. If he had tried, I don’t think he could have made a worse choice.  Now you’ve got the crony team of Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, and maybe this guy who was introduced by a famous Democrat and roundly praised by Dianne Feinstein, ready to get in the conga  line too. Seriously, who has the President got in his ear? It sure isn’t Republicans. Hell, half the people on his team are old-line liberal Democrats.”

It isn’t all negative.

“Billie” says

“Look as long as we get even 50% of what he promised passed, we are still 100% better off than we were. All I know is, under Hillary we would already have single-payer health insurance, we would have sent three billion dollars off to the EU, and gas would be $10 a gallon.”

In short, many people think Junior screwed up big time, not by having the meeting, but by failing to disclose it when he should have, and it is stretching people’s patience. The honeymoon phase is definitely over.

Does that mean they think electing Donald Trump was a mistake?

No.  Not one single person thinks we would have been better off with Clinton or even worse, Sanders.

Perhaps more importantly, there is a strong factional undercurrent that finds some of the GOP Congressional members lackluster attempts and repeated failures to move Trump’s agenda forward even more concerning than Russiagate.

For the last word, let “Alex” have the floor.

“You know what? Next year, I’m going to make it a point to contribute to GOP candidates anywhere that aren’t part of the turncoat crowd, and for sure I’ll contribute to Republicans running against an incumbent Dem.”

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