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TGIF – June 14, 2017

July 14, 2017

Can we stay the course?

This week’s TGIF isn’t so much about a specific story as it is a theme.

Have Americans, particularly those that either voted for Donald Trump and those that didn’t vote at all, lost faith in our institutions of government?

Perhaps it’s just the general climate generated by the media and entertainment worlds (and it’s hard to say where one stops and the other begins), but many Americans no longer see patiently working within the system as a virtue, much less a strategy.

As the President’s first six months come to a close, an increasingly large segment of the population seems to think that if he hasn’t been able to grant all their wishes by now, he never will, and they are ready to move things along their own way.

The genesis of the Trump movement was a general feeling that government has become the master of the people, rather than their servant.

Every time you have some little tin god politician coming out and deciding that he or she knows better what the people want than the people themselves that idea is reinforced.

This doesn’t seem to be so much party-driven, as it is cultural.

Case in point…Rand Paul. Most right leaning voters feel that his opposition to any plan dealing with Obamacare is a bad one unless it is simple repeal, is just as destructive as the wild-eyed rants from Schumer, Pelosi, Lee or Waters, all of whom seem to be experiencing a serious psychotic break.

Senator Paul may feel he is standing on principle, but he seems not to be able to understand that the time for that was back in 2009 and 2010.

Now the damage is done. It is no longer a simple case of voting down a hypothetical globalized social experiment.  Real people’s lives have been affected forever by this hard-left attempt to install socialized medicine in America.

At this point, Senator Paul’s bull-headed stance in holding out for the perfect (in his eyes) rather than accomplishing the possible as a starting point for change is at least as destructive as keeping O’care in place.

Real people on Main Street are processing this differently than the media and the politicians.

They see it as just another instance of  a long-time Washington-influenced politician trying to score points to aid in his continued tenure in the nation’s capital.

It is possible that the real winners in this ideological battle will be Democrats in the mid-terms, but it’s just as likely to result in some sort of permanent tear in the fabric of the nation.

There are always those folks looking for a single dramatic statement, a modern Second Revolution of some sort, but the real backbone of the fight is still in those quietly determined people that stepped forward last November to say “business as usual is over.”

It remains to be seen what effect they will have in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

That they will have an effect is not in doubt.

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