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The media wars – what’s at stake?

July 17, 2017

What’s really behind all the incessant media jaw-boning about hyping Russiagate, and collusion and painting everyone who supports Trump as a bunch of fascist crooks?

It would be safe to say that most Americans are totally fed  up with all the feverish media liberal bias. Ask most of them and their reaction is going to be “Hey, Dems! Trump won. Get over it!”

If only it was that simple.

What many fail to understand is that Dems truly did not have a fall-back plan for that eventuality.

It’s obvious that the Trump team was not as convinced they would win as they said they were, but at least they did have some sort of outline for that possibility.

Democrats had nothing. Absolutely nothing. Their whole campaign was issueless because they didn’t think they needed anything except time.

The next decade or so was all mapped out. It was supposed to go like this:

Hillary would win.  Dems would finally acknowledge that Obamacare needed a few tweaks, and move on to the single payer model they envisioned when the ACA passed in the first place. In the next four years, under the guise of controlling costs, they would take over the provider landscape as well, ending up with something closely akin to the British system that some say is going broke.

As healthcare alone gradually consumed the entire national revenue, they would pay for it by  taxing the rich into a position of submission, where the left would achieve “income equality” by hitching that wagon to healthcare.

Oh, there was more, a lot more, but the most visible part of the dismantling of traditional America was the healthcare part. Once they got the country to accept central government control of that, the rest would follow.

Life would be good.

Then the train they never saw ran over them. In the blink of an eye, the whole next decade had gone to hell, courtesy of a bunch of ordinary people that the left had written off as insignificant dolts a long time ago.

The strategy suddenly became just getting back to where they were on November 7, 2016, i.e. Trump-less. The thinking is, take down the leader, and the insurgent army will turn tail and run.

The press is simply the advance PR, or more accurately, the propaganda team.

If anyone thinks that all this noise is going to go away  just because time is passing, you are even more naïve than DJT Jr.

The 2016 campaign was going to be the crowning achievement to date of a fifty-plus -year incremental battle plan that kicked off with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, which interestingly, was the original anti-elite movement.

Perhaps the saddest part of the politics of today is how far Democrats have strayed from their foundations. Of all the people who voted for Trump, it was perhaps older Democrats who did so out of  a visceral sense of betrayal.

It’s hard to call the Democrats of today the party of the little guy, given Hillary’s “I’m going to put all of you out of work” campaign.

The most astonishing part of that comment was how comfortable she was when she said it.

Somewhere along the line, the party of the working man became just another global elitist clique. Sad, but still true.

Billions of dollars have been spent to convert the modern Democratic party to the tool of the left.

No one gives up that kind of investment of time and money easily. The far left HAS to squash Trump. Their entire future rests on it.

Like most battles, this one will be long, gory, messy and  chaotic and innocent civilians will be caught in the crossfire.  There will be casualties.

Once you understand that, you can understand what’s happening now.

Buckle up, America. Trump’s supporters only won a skirmish, not the war.

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