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Live and learn.

July 19, 2017

A lot has been made of the deleterious effects President Trump’s inexperience in dealing with the political world has had on his presidency to date. Well, he just got a whole chapter of instruction on why Washington doesn’t work to add to his text book.

First, NEVER assume that a politician who says he can unwind anything in Washington is telling the truth. It isn’t just that Republicans were wrong about having a plan to fix Obamacare. It’s that they knew in advance that they couldn’t do it, because they’d never seriously tried to come up with a workable plan.

It’s really easy to write legislation and even pass it, if you know there is no chance the President will ever sign it, and it makes great copy for re-election campaigns.

It wouldn’t be stretching the truth too far to say that the GOP may have deliberately lied to Mr. Trump during the campaign about having a plan to deal with the socialist-leaning former President’s hijacking of one sixth of the national economy.

While it is probably true that trying to repeal AND replace the whole ACA in just six months is now unrealistic, the GOP can and should repeal certain parts of it, such as the portions that deem 30 hours to be fully employed, and the part that mandates coverage for all employees once the 50-employee threshold is met, i.e. the employer mandates.

That would boost incentives for employers to hire more really full-time employees, and give workers a chance to work just one job instead of two or three just to get a 40-hour income.

Things like that should have been on the table, ready  to vote on as soon as the President was inaugurated. Indeed, even now, it doesn’t seem as any GOP senator has even thought about doing something like that.

On the other hand, the past six months has been a graphic illustration of how the swamp world of Washington functions.

Now we come to tax reform, and you can already see the same ideological roadblocks in play again.

Some members want some token reductions in rates, but only if it doesn’t tick off any donors. Others want to upend the whole system as much as necessary to make capitalism work again.

It might, and note, that’s MIGHT, be fair to say that POTUS is right about not trying to impose a plan of his own on Obamacare.  He never claimed to be an insurance industry or healthcare expert.

Tax reform is another animal altogether. That is supposed to be much more in his wheelhouse.

If President Trump doesn’t handle tax reform better than he did the healthcare insurance debacle, there is little to no doubt that the Democratic socialists will have a landslide win next year.

The trouble with applying the art of the deal to Washington is that it assumes that both sides ultimately want to make the deal work for both sides. That’s a flaw in a basic premise.

What Washington wants is to be left alone to control the people the way it always has.

That means that counting on a voluntary united front from Republicans, or expecting any help at all from Democrats is a fool’s errand.

It’s time for the President and his team (if he really has one) to turn the screws. Turn the Russia, Russia, Russia meme over to your legal staff, and get to work making good on your own political promises. Just sitting back and saying you’ll sign anything Republicans pass isn’t going to cut it when it comes to tax reform.

The President seems to be committed to fulfilling his campaign promises, and to his credit, where he has been able to do it by himself, he has.

One of those promises was to drain the swamp.  Up to now, it looks more like the administration has been stuck in the swamp.

That leaves we, the people stuck too, and it points out why to fix America, we may need to fix the flaws in how and whom we elect as representatives and senators to Congress first.

There will never be a better time for voters to demand term limits, by any means necessary,  even if that means going around Congress completely via the Fifth Amendment.

It may be time to get out the pumps and turn Washington into a desert, if that what it takes.

Tax reform is going to be 45’s last chance to prove he can govern instead of just performing a solo. It’s an area where he claims a lot of knowledge, and it would be nice to see it on display.

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