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A look into the presidential woodshed.

July 20, 2017

In a very public “let’s talk about this behind the barn” moment, the President let the world see just a glimpse of the New York street fighter at the televised portion of the Republican lunch yesterday. The topic?  Inaction on the health insurance front.

Although very thinly veiled as humor, he let Nevada’s Senator Heller know he was on the radar and one look at Heller’s face told you he got the message. It’s interesting to actually see a grown man squirm.

Maybe that’s not proper political etiquette, but it had a lot of people at home saying  “About damned time!”  The thing most frustrating to Republican and independent Trump voters so far is that the GOP members of Congress can’t seem to get their act together on much of anything significant.

It remains to be seen whether the President’s “woodshed moment” was strictly for public consumption, and of course it will provoke some more over-acted high school drama queen comments from the likes of Rachel Maddow.  Everything Trump says or does causes that reaction from the left. Even “private meetings” held in front of 18 other world leaders, their dinner dates and cameras from just about every nation represented at the dinner.

Some pundits that represent so-called conservative news outlets point out the President hasn’t backed up “his” party very much on healthcare reform, and that’s a fair observation.

That would of course be the party that disavows any connection to him at every turn, and essentially sold him down the river by proving they never did have a clue what to do about Obamacare.

It’s also fair to note that the President has a disconcerting habit of not staying on message very long at any one time.

One thing his adversaries ought to note. The President will signal his active displeasure with something for awhile, but eventually he takes action. At that point, he seems to feel that he gave fair warning, so let the chips fall where they may.

On the other hand, if he had outlined publicly just how uncomfortable he could make it for the fair weather, intestinally deficient  Republicans, that would just start some more crazed commentary from his enemies.

The truth is, every state and a good many groups depend on Federal dollars dispensed in what are often euphemistically called “grants” but that are instead fee for services payments.

It would be childishly simple to write the RFP/RFQ’s for those dollars to exclude certain areas, or even whole states from the Federal trough. Every grant has a section called “eligible applicants.”

Dirty pool you say?

Not really…just politics, Washington style.

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