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TGIF – July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017

America’s self-made victims.

Newsflash!  The only person who can make you a psychological victim is you.  That’s would be a good message for the New York Times reporter who thinks (some) white women are racist because they don’t move out of his way.

Writing in a specialty section of the NYT that solicits people to report instances of what they perceive as racism, one Greg Howard laments that  white women often intentionally force him to alter course when he is walking in the Big Apple, calling the offenders “racist white women.”

Couldn’t that just as easily be gender-based?  Maybe these women just feel “demeaned” if they have to give ground to one of those ever-present male malefactors, regardless of color.

Maybe his reaction is hyper-masculinity syndrome. Perhaps he thinks that any female person who doesn’t give ground to him is disrespecting him.

And maybe some people are just rude jerks, regardless of race or gender. There is certainly no rule that says only men can have a monopoly on rudeness.

U.S. doesn’t have a corner on stupid bureaucrats.

God help us all if taking civic responsibility becomes a criminal act. Fox News reports on a retired Toronto man who (a) got tired of watching people fall on a park pathway, and (b) reduced the estimated cost to fix the problem by $64,450 dollars.

With the help of a homeless man, and $550, retired Toronto mechanic Adi Asti built a very serviceable set of stairs with a nice gravel landing at its base to replace a steeply sloping pathway that consisted of randomly placed, downward sloping flat rocks.

His act of civic volunteerism is going unused however, because the Toronto city leaders have blocked them off. The Toronto mayor notes that the city can’t have people just going out and building stairs because they want to.

The city has not charged Asti with anything as yet.  One hopes that the mayor has better sense than to do so.

A warrior takes on another battle.

This isn’t exactly unreported news, but Musings wishes Senator John McCain success in his fight with an aggressive and particularly deadly form of brain cancer. If anyone can beat it, he can.  Give it hell, Senator.

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