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Did the Special Counsel show his hand?

July 24, 2017

Last Thursday, whether intentionally or accidentally, President Trump threw out a baited hook for Special Counsel Mueller, and he swallowed the bait, clear up to the handle of the reel.

In response to a question from a New York Times interviewer, the President warned that he would consider any attempt to go beyond the scope of the Russia investigation into his business dealings as a private citizen prior to his campaign and subsequent election to be a red line.

Less than 24 hours later, Mueller announced via a “leak” or release to Bloomberg News,  that he would be probing the business dealings not only of President Trump and his family members over the past decade, but of anyone connected to the President before, during and after the campaign. That would reportedly also include subpoenas for Trump’s tax returns, a favorite target of the lunatic left.

Thus confirming for many that the Special Counsel crew may indeed be deserving of its occasional nickname, i.e. Hillary’s Hit Squad.

Remember, much as had Comey and former AG Lynch before him, Mr. Mueller had been touted as capable of overseeing a “fair, impartial and bipartisan” investigation. Most people now concede that the first two were anything but impartial or fair while on the job.

If that makes you uncomfortable, good. It should bother you that the will of the American people is being subverted by the political class simply because they grew tired of being ruled by corrupt politicians instead of fairly governed as the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Even the foreign press took notice of the President’s “red line” remarks.

Some called it a childish dare, others said it was ill-advised, given that in addition to being an FBI insider and former Bureau director, Mueller is a long-time Clinton and Democratic donor and ally, as are most of the attorneys and investigators Mueller has hired to date.

Since the left has constantly harkened back to Watergate for justification to do everything from impeaching the President to putting him in front of a firing squad, they may think that he wouldn’t dare fire Mueller.

They forget that there was an actual crime that preceded Watergate. In this instance what we seem to have is wild-eyed left-wing partisan speculation in search of a crime, backed up by America’s supposedly impartial premier law enforcement agency.

Since the only leaking of information about a supposedly active investigation seems to be coming from the Special Counsel’s office and that has so far been pretty much centered around charging President Trump and/or his team with something, we don’t know where the Clinton campaign’s or the DNC’s involvement with Russia may stand. Nor do we know why the Obama administration knew about Russia’s alleged meddling back in July of 2016, and chose to say nothing about it.

It is not against the law to do business in Russia. Plenty of American companies do so and have done so for years.  An August 2016 article by Kenneth Rapoza in Forbes noted that American capitalist giants such as PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Morgan Stanley, Alcoa, Ford, Crate and Barrel and Johnson & Johnson to name just few, have business arrangements and even physical presences in the country of the Russian bear.

Those are all names that appear in many U.S. stock portfolios and 401K’s and many of their executives are ardent backers of the left. Some undoubtedly donated to Obama and Clinton. You can draw your own conclusions.

Oh yes, and then there is the Clinton-brokered Uranium One sale to Russia. Not that either Clinton profited from that, right?

If Trump is correct that his largest commercial Russian involvement was the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, that makes him pretty much small potatoes in the world of investments in Russia.

Of course there is also the reported sale of a home Trump Properties LLC purchased in a bankruptcy auction,  to a Russian four years later, in 2008.  Wow. Talk about long range planning to commit  election collusion! Hopefully, the First Lady did not do any online searches for Russian dressing recipes during that period.

As powerful as a Special Counsel might be, if the FBI is being used as part of an organized effort to overthrow the duly elected American government, not to mention those upstart voters who supported Trump, that lofty perch might just mean a longer fall and an even more devastating sudden stop, not just for Mueller but for the agency he used to run.

As that British extreme angler on TV would say…Fish on!

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