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What do YOU want from health insurance?

July 25, 2017

So, the healthcare question is now open for debate, courtesy of John McCain and the VP. Now what?

It doesn’t seem that politicians from either side are asking that question, so Musings decided it might be interesting to do so. This only applies to people not already covered by a government or employer-provided insurance.

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a scientific poll.  That said, it does include an equal number of responses from left, right and in-between. About 60 of them, to be exact. The only criteria was that the person’s total family income had to be more than $24,600 and less than $75,000 annually, which covers approximately 50% of all of us.

You want:

Premiums and deductibles that you can afford.   For most, that seem to be no more than 10% of their take home pay for premiums, and up to $5000 in total deductibles for a family of four. Singles were more in line with premiums not to exceed $300/month and deductibles not to exceed $2000.

No co-pays or deductibles on routine exams, like annual physicals.

Opportunity to choose any insurance company, without regard to state lines.

Choice of levels of coverage, i.e. anything from catastrophic to the so-called Cadillac plans.

No disqualification from future coverage or fines for lapses in coverage of less than six months caused by layoffs or health issues beyond the insured’s control.

Portability, including coverage when out of the U.S. for less than six months, as long as premiums are kept current. .

No networks or PPO groups.

Realistic co-pays.

Ability to set your own premium due dates so they coincide better with paycheck dates.

Clear and unambiguous explanations of coverage and exclusions.

You don’t want:

Anything that even smells like a single payer system. (That one came in at 60 to 0)

Government restricting access to the provider of your choice.

States making exclusionary deals with insurers, i.e. licensing or approving only certain insurers. in the private market.

Mandatory coverage of everything, even when you don’t need and could never use such coverage.

Age-related automatic premium increases.  Most feel your individual medical history should be taken into account.

If you didn’t see your pet peeve or wish on the list, don’t tell us, TELL YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Loudly and often, on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or even an old-fashioned letter.

Because what we are being subjected to now is just more of the same elitist ideas of what’s good for us, and that elitism crosses all party lines.

Coming up

Comments from  Trump supporters re: AG Sessions. Has the President gone too far?

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