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How far is too far?

July 26, 2017

That’s the question many Trump supporters are asking today.

There is no doubt that with the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to the communications department, President Trump has embarked on a new public relations path.

But is it the right one?

Even Trump loyalists are asking WTH when it comes to POTUS’s  attacks on AG Jeff Sessions.

Those with experience dealing with employees, even upper level ones, are perplexed.

If, they ask, he isn’t happy with Sessions or the way he is doing his job, why not just fire him or at the very least, handle what is essentially a personnel matter in private?  Why the very public attempts to discredit and personally demean him, especially in a public forum?

Even if Sessions stays, his position as the top person in the DOJ is being harmed.  When the boss’s boss doesn’t respect him, that’s not good, especially when  a large percentage of the people that work for Sessions already don’t like him simply because he helped elect Trump.

And, does the President understand that Sessions, or any AG, is not just his AG, but the nation’s top law enforcement official? His loyalty is supposed to be to the nation and its laws, not just the President personally.

Remember, Musings came into being to chronicle what would happen if a non-politician ran for and won the presidency.  That means tracking the positives and the negatives.

This latest case of Trump being Trump is definitely a negative, and a rally in Ohio doesn’t change that.

Many people saw Sessions’ appointment as political payback for his unwavering support during  the campaign, and questioned whether the soft-spoken Alabaman was the right man for the job, given his close ties to Trump’s campaign in the midst of all the manufactured Russia hysteria.

OK, maybe it was a mistake. But if so, it was the President’s mistake, not Jeff Sessions.

There  are a few things that American’s prize, and honesty is one of them.

This just doesn’t feel honest.  It seems like Sessions is a surrogate for Trump’s anger at Special Counsel Mueller. This very public rift feels a lot like the guy who gets mad at work and comes home and kicks the stuffing out of the dog.

If this is the new Scaramucci  PR strategy of letting Trump be Trump, someone had better review it, because it isn’t working very well.

We should be talking about what happens next with the healthcare debate, or taxes, but instead, once again, we are talking about a PR problem created by the President. Not good.

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