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TGIF – July 28, 2017

July 28, 2017

Well, the cliff-hanger Senate vote on the “skinny” repeal certainly generated some strong opinions. Eventually people will sit down and actually compute what the Senate’s failure to deal with the issue of Obamacare means to each person’s personal situation. Right now though, it seems as though everyone is on sensory overload, with most of the reaction being unsuitable for print.

So just for kicks,  let’s end the week with something different.

On the lighter side.

Even in weeks like this, there’s apparently hope for our better natures, at least in New Zealand. Yahoo reported on a story where a neighbor went to help rescue some of his neighbor’s sheep from rising floodwaters. Upon sighting the sheep, he noticed that some wild rabbits had climbed aboard some of the sheep to avoid drowning. Rabbits are pretty much treated as vermin among the sheep ranchers and are often shot on sight, but the man was so impressed with their ingenuity that he says he refrained from shooting them and let them stay with the sheep as he herded the band to higher ground. (The video he took is grainy, but there they are, two on one sheep and one on another). Good on ya!

And speaking of light…

As everyone surely knows by now, there’s going to be a total eclipse of the sun on the 21st of next month.  If you are one of the people that are going to flock to places like eastern Idaho with the best chance of totality, please be sure you follow all the safety rules.  One thing to remember, as detailed in this safety warning from NASA, is that you cannot, repeat CANNOT watch the event without approved safety glasses, not even through a camera lens or the darkest dark glasses. Watch out for knockoffs on the eclipse glasses. The NASA article gives the names of brands that are approved.

Hey, I was fishing here!

That may have been the message one wild orca was trying to convey to an Alaska fisherman. According to his account to a local news outlet, the orca, or killer whale, gave the man and his son and guests a pretty exciting and frightening few minutes after apparently getting tangled in the anchor line and pretty much beating up on the boat. Luckily, no one, including the orca was hurt, but man oh man, what a fish story, and with pictures no less!

Have a great weekend, and remember – you don’t have to follow the Pres on Twitter or watch all the craziness. The door to your house swings outward too.

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