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How effective is deportation?

August 2, 2017

A couple of criminals with histories of multiple deportations and stories from MS-13 gang members of crossing the border easily should have us asking if deportation means anything at all.

True, sanctuary cities are magnets for illegal entrants into the U.S. but at some point you have to ask why deport them at all, if they are just going to be back in a few days or weeks.

Of course the answer is to stop them at the border, but short of having a living wall of border patrol and ICE agents, that doesn’t appear to be working very well either.

Which also brings up the question, what else can you do about the repeat re-entry offenders?

Obviously we can put them in jail if they are convicted of a crime, and sometimes that happens. Unfortunately they do eventually get out.

It would certainly help to have a more impenetrable border, slowing them down enough for agents to catch them.  And more agents closer to the border and more detention facilities as the President wants is part of the answer.

It is a pretty sure bet that the really bad people are still making it across the border. Even if the overall number is reduced by 60 to 70% from a year ago, these repeat border jumpers are not just primarily gardeners and janitors looking for a job. These are now more likely to be people who have been here before and know how to get around the system.

Which leads us to consequences.

Whatever you think of the President personally, the idea of  having serious consequences for criminals entering illegally a second time should still be on the table.

But maybe that should go a step farther.

Someone on this side of the border is helping every one of the repeat border jumpers. Sometimes it is city leaders who look the other way, and sometimes it’s actual criminal enterprises with established multinational networks, like MS-13.

We know what to do with the gangs, but is there any way to establish accountability for the liberal officials who actively aid and abet re-entry and welcome the bad guys back with open arms?

For instance, should the Portland mayor and other city officials be Federally charged as accessories before the fact in the rape and beatings perpetrated by Sergio Martinez, or the San Francisco city government  in the death of Kate Steinle?

Of course there are also civil suits, but that doesn’t end the enabling policies, and any awards are typically paid by municipal insurers.

In the case of repeat border entry criminals, the President wants to make the re-entry itself a criminal act, but his common-sense approach ran afoul of liberals who apparently have no problem with the destructive and even deadly consequences of their ideology.

All that aside, we still have a revolving door at the border. Why is it too much to ask that we close it and stop putting out bait for criminals?

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