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TGIF – August 4, 2017

August 4, 2017

The West Virginia take-away

If there was a message from the people the left dismissed on election night as white, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic illiterate trailer trash, it could be summed up in three words.

Beware the forgotten.

Of course the headline will be the West Virginia governor changing parties.

But it also served to remind the anti-Trumpers that these are not the people being polled who get reported as losing faith in their guy.

Regardless of their age, there was nary an Ivy League millennial in sight in the Mountain State yesterday afternoon, or at least they had the good sense to keep their heads down.

Sure, it was expected, even designed  to be that kind of photo op, but underneath it all there is a very real  message.

New O’Care rates starting to appear

With rate hikes already released ranging in the 28-81% range, perhaps recess feedback from constituents will accomplish what party loyalty couldn’t.

While anti-Trumpers will try to lay this at the President’s doorstep, make no mistake, this is the path O’care was designed to take.

Idaho and Illinois have released requests from exchange insurers to hike rates by an astonishing average 40%, with Idaho reporting one carrier asking for 81% and all insurers together averaging 38%. Illinois has reported an average so far of 48%.


Today’s 11 a.m. ET press briefing by AG Sessions and DNI Coats was meant to highlight the seriousness of the leaks of classified information to the press.

It will not pay to be the next Realty Winner or Edward Snowden.

Originally this short comment was meant to highlight the true seriousness of the leaking of verbatim transcripts of the President’s private conversations with other world leaders, even though the content was basically political in nature.

Thanks to AG Sessions and DNI Coats, you are spared Musings personal editorializing. They said it better than this blog ever could.

Although the scope of the investigations concerns classified information, any time you are releasing the supposedly secure conversations of world leaders, even those which are largely political, it concerns national security.

If this is handled as it should be, watch for heads large and small to roll, inside and outside the White House.  It’s doubtful the AG would have had this briefing if he didn’t already have information on the source of at least some of the leaks.

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