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TGIF – August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017

A surfeit of news

Some weeks you wonder if 24-hour cable news was a good idea after all. Certainly when stations get fixated on one or two stories and that’s literally all they talk about, it’s time to hit the off switch.

Then you get a story about Rally Kitty, and you’re kind of glad you didn’t miss it. Note to people catching seriously frightened cats…either hold it firmly by the scruff of the neck or leave it alone. Still, you gotta give the guy credit for hanging on.

Or the Navy honoring a 102-yr-old  World War II veteran by naming a 900-man barracks after him. It’s doubly nice, because he was there to see it.

Cuba hazardous to your health?

If you’re planning to visit Cuba, take note of the story of diplomats from the U.S. and Canada who inexplicably returned home with severe hearing loss, reportedly from some sort of acoustic attack last year. That probably isn’t what was envisioned when we reopened the embassy in what is still Castro’s Cuba.  Maybe tickets should carry a health warning.

Get a life.

Then there is the made-up outrage over POTUS’s tongue-in-cheek comment about Russia expelling some 750 or so of our diplomatic staff.  One DNC talking head even waxed poetic about how hard it was going to be for the ousted employees’ children to switch schools. Good grief, lighten up. BTW –  what do over 1300 people do in Russia?

Waiting game.

Of course there is the North Korea affair…but rest assured, if that turns into a shooting war you’ll know about it.  Until then, don’t obsess over it, because there’s damned little you or I can do about it. This was bound to happen sooner or later, just as even if you ignore a boil, it will eventually come to a head on its own.

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