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Stand down.

August 12, 2017

David Duke and Jason Kessler and the ugly doctrines of their white supremacist groups don’t speak for any white people that most of you know, any more than Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters speak for the vast majority of black people.

Unfortunately, to listen to the media, you’d never know that.

Musings has made the point several times before that you can only  beat the tribal drums of racism so long before everyone starts dancing.

The left has been screaming racism and playing the “kill white privilege” card for so long that the crazies on the right were bound to take the bait.

Hopefully this will be an isolated case, but history tells us it won’t be the last incident of this type.

Of all the places this could have happened, Virginia is one of the worst, simply because it’s the former location of the Confederate capital in Richmond, which is just about an hour away via I-64 from Charlottesville.

As has been true in most of these phony protests, the paid thugs made a beeline to join the fray, with one man brazenly handing a Fox reporter his business card, advertising riots on demand.

The best thing that could have happened was for everyone to just stay home that wasn’t on the payroll of one side or the other.  Sadly, several high profile local government decisions such as relocating Confederate statues simply stoked the fires and brought out both the press and the looky-loos.

There is no such thing as a perfect world, and you can’t condemn the lunatic left and excuse the radical right. Both sides are wrong.

One Virginia congressman called this political terrorism.  It probably is that on some level, but it has a profit motive too. The organizers knew exactly what they were doing and why.

The organizers of this protest as well as those on the left where there have been similar outcomes should be jailed on Federal charges, charged with inciting a riot and tried, in this case for murder (for the pedestrian that was run over and killed) and aggravated battery. They didn’t drive the car, but their actions put the driver behind the wheel.

Hopefully the local government will institute a dusk to dawn curfew, but in this PC world, don’t count on them having that much foresight.

This is no more a free speech issue than were the riots at Berkeley.  This was a deliberate attempt by a fringe group to start a race war..

These things only work when they have an audience. Had there been no reporters and cameras there, this would have petered out and been an insignificant  blip on the radar.

And of course there are the larger political issues.

This has been building up for a long time, and all too predictably the left is blaming the President for all of it. Never mind that he has been on Twitter nonstop condemning the violence. Nothing he could do short of walking up to the riot organizers and blowing them away would satisfy the blood lust now.

Perhaps cooler heads will prevail, but this has a very familiar look.

What you can do is stay home and keep your kids at home, even if you have to hogtie them to keep them out of harm’s way, especially in the evenings. . News footage shows far too many young teenagers standing on the sidelines with their phones.

This isn’t worth dying for, so don’t put you and yours out there in harm’s way. .

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