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Would anyone fight for America today?

August 15, 2017

That’s quite a question.

It comes from Frank, a twenty-year Army veteran and successful small business owner.

His concern is that the disconnect between today’s under 35 crowd and the ideals of the country he fought for is so profound, he doesn’t think any of them would lift a finger to defend the country. Frank lives in California, so it’s likely that his opinion is influenced by the politics of that region.

Still, it’s a question worth exploring. If we were attacked, by North Korea or any other country,  how many 20-somethings would  join up and fight for the United States?

He is appalled at the underlying anger that resulted in Charlottesville

Frank is no bigot.  He married a woman of Asian descent, and says one of his sons is married to a wonderful woman whose lineage is racially mixed, although one of her grandparents was black. He has little sympathy for today’s identity politics.

He has even less sympathy for what he calls the subversive generation. It bothers him that a crowd pulled down a statue of a man who was just another soldier.

Frank was unexpectedly in the hospital on Election Day, and so didn’t vote.  He says he isn’t sure if he would have voted for Donald Trump,  but he marvels at the nonstop attacks on any duly elected U.S. president. He notes that many people were not crazy about the two Bush presidencies, and even Obama’s win, but this is far beyond any simple sour grapes.

Actually, considering we have an all-volunteer armed services, it’s likely that Frank doesn’t have anything to worry about presently, but his question does highlight the uncertainty about the future of  the country.

Speaking of the country’s future, it may be a bit premature to high five over North Korea’s pause in its nonstop provocative speech.

August 21 is not just Eclipse Day.  It’s also the anniversary of the cease fire  that put the Korean War on pause.

For the present, Frank has an answer  to worrying about something he can’t change.

He dropping his cable provider and plans to watch a lot of Netflix. He says he’s pretty sure if a war starts he’ll know about it, and other than that, he doesn’t need to  pay good money to watch bad TV.

And yeah.  If he could, he would join up again.

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