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Trump on the stump.

August 23, 2017

How did President Trump come across in person with some of the  “show me” Trump voters that attended the Phoenix rally?

“Brent” is one of those supporters. He makes no bones about having voted for candidate Trump as a last resort.  Last night was the second time he has seen Mr. Trump in person, but the first since he took the oath of office.

” Well, first of all, I think people need to know that the other speakers like Ms. King (Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece – Ed.) and Vice-President Pence are important to understanding the whole event. They sort of set the stage.

But anyway, I was happy with the general message, and if anyone thinks the President has lost his mojo, they need to see him in person.

I do wish he could find a happy medium between “teleprompter Trump” and “TV Trump.”  Sometimes I think he tries a little too hard for the dramatic minute, like going on about “people said I shouldn’t mention their names.”  Why not just say that he needs a lot more people in Congress that support his goals, not people that vote against him just because they don’t like him personally. We are all smart enough to know who doesn’t support him.

What do I mean by that?  Well, the presidential election is over, so maybe more about what he needs from Congress, and less about personalities unless he is actually campaigning for somebody.

By the way, I was so happy to hear him say that we aren’t going to let a country like Pakistan be a sanctuary for terrorists anymore. You’d have thought we learned that lesson in Viet Nam. 

What else didn’t I like? Well, we all kind of know the media mostly hates him. That’s why we come to see him in person, so maybe a bit less about fake news and a little bit more about issues. He’s never going to shut the liberal press up, so just quit wasting so much time on them. 

I really, really liked what he said about being President for all Americans.  He said the same thing during the campaign, and I believe him. That crap about him being a racist is just so ridiculous.

All in all, I still think I made the right choice in November.”

Several other people commented in the same vein. They may quibble with elements of the President’s style, but they still support his message.

“Anita” said, “You want to know about the man’s character?  Just look around outside at the kind of people who oppose him.  Anybody those (expletive) hate has got to be doing something right.”

“Bob” commented, “Well, I’d like him to remember that sugar gets more flies than vinegar. Maybe try harder to work with what he’s got. What if Flake and McCain win?”

In short, the people that go to these rallies aren’t following the President blindly but they are still with him. They gave him goals, and they expect him to find a way to achieve them.

After all, close only counts in horseshoes.

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