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Better angels.

August 28, 2017

This might sound slightly nuts, but maybe we need a national Harvey.

No one in southeast Texas gives a tinker’s damn right now about their neighbor’s politics. No one is asking what political party you belong to before they’ll give you a ride in their boat or rescue your grandmother from a flooded nursing home. People of all colors need help, and ordinary people of all colors answered the call.

When it really matters, we are still capable of pulling together. Too bad it takes a Cat 4 hurricane and floods of nearly Biblical proportions for us to find that part of ourselves again.

Hang in there Texas, there are lots of people that have your back.

Oh, it won’t last and we know that.

In fact, Hurricane Harvey barely made a ripple in the consistently negative coverage of President Trump in the national media.

It didn’t stop profiteers from jacking up gas prices.

And it didn’t keep the militant left blackshirts from beating up on people rallying for peace in Berkeley.

But at least for a little while, in a relatively small geographical area of the country, the better angels showed up.

Hi.  We’ve missed you.

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