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The reality of a nuclear-armed North Korea.

September 5, 2017

To listen to the press after Secretary of Defense Mattis’ statement, all the tension with North Korea is President Trump’s fault.

So what did President Trump, through Secretary of Defense Mattis, really say?

The lame-stream media reacted as though he had just declared war, specifically reacting by taking the word “annihilate” out of context.

Basically, the President said the same thing he’s been saying, namely that if NoKo turns it’s missiles and bombs on us, or any of our allies, it will not go well for his country.


The “strong language” even managed to flummox Fox News’ John Roberts, who usually remains fairly unflappable.

General Mattis seemed to be speaking as much to China, Russia and North Korea’s other allies, as well as the other U.N. nations, as he did to the Korean dictator.

The general meme of the Resist movement seems to be that President Trump is getting his shorts in a twist over nothing. More on that later.

Granted, coming right out and saying we don’t want to annihilate NoKo but implying that it’s an option should Kim Jung Un miscalculate is a lot stronger than saying we won’t let the North Koreans store their money in any bank we can control.

It’s a bit late to invite Kim Jung Un to tea.

So far, the never-ending rounds of sanctions haven’t exactly deterred anything, especially when some nations, notably China, don’t even bother to enforce the few that have been adopted. Still, Ambassador Nikki Haley has given the U.N. the opportunity to try.

It has so far looked and sounded as though President Trump is trying to tell the rest of the world’s major powers they had better take the North Korean threat seriously. They should, and we have the history to prove it.

There aren’t a lot of people alive anymore who remember World War II, and even fewer who fought in it.

However, if you are a history buff, all you have to do is note the similarities between how Hitler and the Japanese army got into a position where they could declare war on the rest of the world, to see why letting this 27-year old dictator continue unchecked is suicidal.

The idea that Kim Jung Un is simply trying to swell up like a puff adder and convince the world to leave him alone is attractive, but ridiculous.  You don’t state that you are going to shoot missiles at Guam for no reason other than it is a U.S. territory just to get people to leave you alone.

No Western-backed army has set foot in North Korea for well over half a century. The genesis of the current tensions goes clear back to WWII, making this a generational conflict.  Anyone who believes the propaganda that getting rid of the Kim dynasty would end the problem has their heads in the sand.  Many North Koreans are convinced that Kim is fighting for a just cause.

North Korea isn’t a conventionally armed country anymore.  It is poised on the edge of becoming a nuclear-armed powder keg, if it hasn’t already become one.

Given how wrong the so-called experts have been to date on the maturity of Kim’s nuclear program it might be time to take off the rose-colored glasses.

The chances are probably 80-20 that NoKo can already marry the bomb to the delivery system. If not, they are conceivably within days or weeks of doing so. And then there is Iran, probably North Korea’s best customer for nuclear technology.

Iran has been testing its own delivery systems for a bomb for months now. Iran may not be able to work on developing its own H-bomb right now , but it can sure as hell buy the stuff to make one from North Korea.

If you think that is an acceptable outcome, take a look at this picture of Hiroshima, or this one, after it was destroyed by an H-bomb with an estimated 15-20 kiloton yield.

Somewhere in the rubble are the vaporized remains of tens of thousands of people. Many more died of radiation poisoning or burns within a few days to weeks afterward. Estimates in Hiroshima alone vary between 96,000 and 146,000. Half of those people died on impact.

For any area hit by a 50 to 120 kiloton H-bomb, the first time Kim uses a nuclear weapon it will be the last time.

Still think the President is overstating the threat?


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