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GOP pays the price for blind obstinacy.

September 7, 2017

In case you were under a rock and missed it, President Trump closed a deal yesterday, giving Democrats a three-month government funding extension in return for approving Harvey funding and possibly cooperation on tax cuts.

Naturally, the Freedom Caucus and many other GOP conservative hardliners (Trump resisters all) had a whole herd of cows over that.

Really, what did Republicans expect? The party has already conclusively shown that it can’t or won’t pull its own people together enough to get anything done on Trump’s agenda, and there are nearly as many Resist Trump members on the right as there are the left.

Perhaps they would have preferred this headline:

“Congress stalls Harvey recovery funding over ideological debt ceiling differences.”

If reports are true, the President was not a fan of pushing off any substantive budget and spending discussions until after the midterms, which was apparently Paul Ryan’s plan.

Many Trump watchers are surprised it took him so long to step in and figuratively crack a few heads to get something, anything, moving in Congress, particularly in the Senate.

The danger for Democrats is that they will try to push their momentary triumph too far.

Even worse, if they fail to deliver exactly as promised, it’s highly likely they have not even begun to feel the full weight of the office that the President will bring to bear on them.

This is probably not the guy Dems want to double-cross, since the President just debunked one of their favorite excuses.  It seems he really is willing to work with people from either side of the aisle, as long as they are willing to work with him.

For his part, Trump needs to be careful he doesn’t slide too far left while trying to create a middle ground. For instance, giving in on the wall funding in order to make a deal that solves the DACA problem legislatively. While the wall is not at the top of the list for everyone in his base, it is still at least in the top three of the things they expect him to accomplish.

Speaking of DACA, if the Dreamers and their liberal mouthpieces would put a tenth as much energy into lobbying Congress for a workable solution as they do hating on Trump, they would be halfway up the road to legal residency.

One tiny deal does not a presidency make, but it does offer some hope for further movement in the logjam that is the Congress that Americans have come to loathe.

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