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September 11, 2017

Best of luck to Florida.  Remembering some of the clips from Hurricane Andrew, they will need it as they begin to recover.

Irma pretty well took over the news cycle this weekend, but there were some other things going on.

(Seriously, do we really need 24-hour nonstop coverage of the wind blowing?  Why not just update the story every couple of hours for ten minutes or so until there is actually something to report? We already have a weather channel or two.)

Partisan politics

Predictably, the far right continued to bash President Trump for doing a deal with Democrats. Musings has already weighed in on this. If GOP Congressional members want an all-GOP agenda, they’d best find a way to sell it to the President, because their past efforts aren’t working.

And BTW.  It has taken decades to get to $20B in debt.  You can’t fix it in one day, or even in one presidential term. You could start by cutting all the six-figure Congressional salaries by 10% though. It’s not as though anyone in Congress is earning them.

Statue removal

Hey,  Democrats! Since when did it get to be YOUR country?  No matter what you think of the Civil War, it’s a part of our history. Worth noting…many, if not most slave owners, at least in the South were Democrats, which might explain the rush to destroy all the statues.  Hopefully Senator Booker and Representative Lee’s bill (the Confederate Statues Removal Act) will go nowhere.

School choices  

How young is too young for some subjects? Politifacts ran a lengthy piece debunking the idea that Austin TX schools are “teaching transgenderism.”  It’s unsure that they quite proved their point, since the material for lesson plans, as quoted certainly seems to cross a line between just stopping children from bullying trans kids into over-explaining the concept, at least for children in the early grades.

Which brings up another question. Is it really the school’s place to be doing this at all?

Teaching kindness and tolerance is one thing. Certainly no one wants any child to be bullied, but talking about “avoiding arbitrary binary gender assignment” even in words a first-grader might understand, seems to be a bit much. At least anecdotally parents say their children are confused by the discussion, particularly  when they are disciplined by the school for simply using the wrong pronouns.

At age six, are our children already so worldly that they can be trusted to understand that being LGBTQ is up to each individual? Or are they taking from the discussion that all children have to be the opposite of their biological sex or maybe even both in order to be considered “normal?” Most parents would say first through third grade is too young.

Too big to fine?

When are we going to get tough on companies like Equifax or even the Feds, that not only fail to protect our information, but fail to do anything about it when they are hacked? And then want us to hold them harmless? The first one of these companies that has to pay a substantial fine for each hacked record might try a little harder. Let’s see…how much is $1,000 times 143 million records? That would be $143 billion dollars. Now there’s a budget balancer!

In the world

On the international front, Germany’s Merkel wants another Iran-style deal to fix the belligerence of North Korea Apparently paying blackmail  works for her. Hopefully she’s putting up the money this time.

No one denies that talking is better than shooting, but North Korea has an unsettling habit of not keeping it’s word. Just ask former President Clinton.


Lest we forget what appeasement, political correctness and plain old incompetence can cost us, today is the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

It’s worth examining how that day came to happen. The History Channel has some pretty good programming on the subject, including a three-part program on the background and logistics that created 9/11.  If that’s too long for you, just watch the last hour. It explains a lot. We ignored the rise of the jihadist movement for over 20 years and nearly 3,000 people paid with their lives for that oversight on this date.

In some respects, what is happening with N. Korea and the inter-weaving of their involvement with China, Russia and Iran all too closely parallels events leading up to the day the towers collapsed.

We always say we won’t forget, and yet it seems that our leaders always do.

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