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Middle? What middle?

September 14, 2017

In typical and boringly predictable fashion it’s now the right’s turn to melt down. It’s doubtful that Chuck Schumer had even put his phone or tablet back in his pocket before the far right freaked out.

As noted many times, there are two factions, one on each side of the political spectrum, whose political philosophy consists of “off with their heads!”

On the right, that consists of a pack of people who voted for Donald Trump because they wanted a to hire a (political) hit man. They are now in full cry, and fully ready to add their voices to the “impeach him” chorus, thereby making common cause with the identical faction on the left. There’s some irony in that.

Perhaps they’d better re-read “The Art of the Deal” again. No one gets everything they want in any deal.

President Trump should have known that Schumer and Pelosi would be quick to spin their meeting with him as a total victory for Democrats. They’re backpedaling like mad now, but they were still out there first. That’s a tactical error on the President’s side. There should have been a joint statement issued the minute the meeting wrapped up.

As noted previously,  that’s the danger in working with the other side, especially in such a carefully contrived tribal environment.

Having said that, what exactly is this or any other president supposed to do in the face of total gridlock?

If the scuttlebutt is true, the House has passed somewhere around 250 -270 pieces of legislation this year and they are now bottle-necked in the Senate.

That’s exactly the same environment that existed under Obama. Somebody has to break up the clog, and that someone is the President.

He could continue to try to govern by executive order as did his predecessor, but even as a political novice he has to see how easy it is for the next person to simply cancel those orders.

For their part, Schumer and Pelosi need to understand that double-crossing this man will be political suicide for Democrats.

For the President, he has to somehow get enough Democrats voting for the bigger things he wants to achieve to nullify the ultra-right Freedom Caucus on critical issues, and yet not give them so much power that they usurp the throne.

Due to the failure of the GOP to succeed with Obamacare, tax reform and DACA are pretty much the Waterloo for this administration.

We know the President has to post a W on those issues, but whether it’s achieved with a touchdown, a recovered fumble or a field goal is yet to be seen.

The vast majority of Americans just want Washington to work as intended. Governing was never supposed to be easy but it was supposed to benefit the greatest number of people possible.

If this attempt at bipartisanship fails, and given the Democrat’s predisposition to play dirty that’s a real possibility, no one is going to win.

For the rest of us, President Trump has more than three years to go. We’ll know well before November of 2020 whether he’s improved anything, but at least let the guy finish one full year in office before you have him walking the plank.





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