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Affirming the DACA doubters.

September 20, 2017

Although many people would like to find a way to help the so-called DACA population come in from the cold, many others say  that codifying President Obama’s executive order is simply legitimizing what amounts to an invasion.

Their theory could be summed up as  “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

Those opponents got a massive boost for their theory as immigration protesters turned on House minority leader Nancy Pelosi Monday, demanding open borders and full-blown amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

As is often the case these days, these protestors simply shouted her down as she tried to defend her position, eventually forcing her to leave without attending the “DREAM Act conference” being held in (where else) San Francisco.

The opponents to any sort of immigration and border control really shot themselves in the foot on that day, as they held signs calling for the legalization of all (estimated) 11 million illegal, undocumented people.

They proved the point made by many that legalizing even the 800,000 Dreamers amounts to a reckless disregard for national security and the rule of law that seems to epitomize the left’s  socialist agenda these days.

People resisting any compromise on DACA do acknowledge that ending DACA protection does visit the sins of the father upon the heads of people who were initially innocent of any intent to commit an illegal act. They also point out that if these “kids”, some of them now in their 30’s, wanted to get right with the law they could have applied for citizenship even pre-DACA.

Besides, they argue, the left has no problem with tarring every white person alive today with the brush of slavery, even though the practice has been illegal for over 150 years. It’s hard to fault them for feeling that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Just like many other protestors, notably BLM and the Antifa groups, the so-called immigrant rights groups don’t speak for the entire U.S. immigrant population.

Still, the footage of the ill-mannered shouters attacking a woman who has mostly been on the immigrant’s side for years provides ample fodder for those that say that even just legalizing occupancy for Dreamers without simultaneously strengthening border security amounts to legalizing an invasion.

That little candid camera moment should make for make for some interesting moments on the floors of Congress, particularly in the House.


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