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California governor tests limits.

September 21, 2017

President Trump does not “run” America, if you take California Governor Jerry Brown’s U.N. rant seriously.

But then, neither Jerry Brown nor Michael Bloomberg “runs” America. Indeed, no American president “runs” the country, since it is not a dictatorship.

In a somewhat rambling defense of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Cali’s governor addressed the United Nations by seeming to infer that Trump will not pull the entire U.S. out of the agreement. Rather he opines, individual states and cities will back the agreement in defiance of the national government.

This goes back to the left’s seeming desire to change the very nature of the United States.

As fascinating as the subject of climate change might be, this is more about a very far left, life-long politician inserting himself into a niche arena for the sole purpose of discrediting the President of the United States.

Apparently Gov. Brown hasn’t noticed that it’s the United NATIONS, not a governor’s conference or a campaign stop.

Perhaps if or when the state secedes, as the president or premier of Cali-gone he can sign onto the document himself.

A certain percentage of the world, and most of California would have you  believe that somehow the human species is solely responsible for any and all adverse climate events and no one will ever shake their dedication to that narrative.

Never addressed is that the climate has been flip-flopping around like a fish out of water since the dawn of geological history, mostly without any help from man.

It’s a lot more fun and certainly more lucrative monetarily to stick to the man-caused theory.

That might explain why Governor Brown thinks his opinion matters at the U.N., given the title of this year’s General Assembly get-together, which is “Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet’.”

Interestingly, the international climate change group never cites or at least never openly addresses the actual cause that might justify their reasoning, namely that there might just be too darn many people, too closely clustered together on the planet to achieve long-term global sustainability.

Perhaps that is because the cure for that problem isn’t as simple, nor as politically correct as making more electric cars.

Note that the first item in this year’s focus on people is ” striving for peace”.

That’s because just about nothing could be worse for the environment than North Korea  exploding a hydrogen bomb, no matter where that happens, including underground. Without at least containment of that threat, all the rest is essentially just so much bilge water.

All the folderol aside, exactly what does airing our political dirty laundry on the world stage do to keep North Korea from dropping an awful big “greeting” card onto Los Angeles, or even Sacramento?  Nothing.

Perhaps Governor Brown can effect world peace this week by continuing to work on ousting Trump from the presidency.

And then again, maybe not.


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