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Irony and idiocy – the NFL’s London anthem protest.

September 25, 2017

Given Britain’s history of bringing the slave trade to the Americas, there was certainly no lack of irony in two American football teams in London standing for “God Save the Queen” and kneeling as a show of disrespect for the  “racist” American anthem.

Did England get an undeserved pass, or is it just that these overpaid athletes know so little about the history of slavery that they don’t realize their mark of respect to the British crown makes them look like idiots?

Perhaps the latter is true.  If so, here’s a history lesson for those players, and most importantly, for the eight-year olds who think disrespecting the American flag in another country because America is a “racist” nation is cool.

Although slavery was technically illegal within its geographical borders from the mid-1600’s up to 1807 when the trade was abolished, Britain’s monarchs oversaw the acquisition, importation and transport of an estimated 3.1 million Africans to the Caribbean and the Americas, according the British National Archives. That’s perhaps as much as a quarter of all the slave traffic of that time, estimated at between 12 and 15 million people.

Britain was at that time one of the two largest traffickers of African slaves, along with Portugal. Both nations, and several others, participated in what has come to be called the Atlantic or trans-Atlantic slave trade. The earliest recorded instance of a Portuguese slave ship transporting African slaves is said to pre-date the discovery of North America by Columbus, by at least a dozen years.

One wonders if all black children were exposed to the actual history of slavery, which was not just a black-white American phenomenon, if the label of racist would be exposed for the political dog whistle that it has become.

But that’s probably asking for far too much. Ignorance and fear are now, as they have always been, the twin tools of politics and power.

Suffice it to say, whether you watched football this weekend or not, if “taking a knee” wasn’t the meme of the moment, our current crop of political sore losers would find something else.

From Hillary whining about turncoat women who didn’t vote for her, to Jimmy Kimmel parroting Chuck Schumer’s talking points to further the cause of socialized medicine, many people seem to have become incapable of thinking for themselves.

Maybe that proves that slavery today is as much a state of mind as it is a physical condition.

In an age where there has never been such worldwide ready access to information, it seems too many have surrendered their brains to greedy, corrupt politicians.

In the end, most of this emoting is not about the national anthem. It’s about “we hate Donald Trump.”  Or more precisely, they hate losing the election.

Right now, at least in the USA, this is all about loss of power. To the left, the election outcome was like robbers thinking they are holding up a bank, and finding out too late that they are in the sheriff’s office.

Underneath all the Trump-hate and the catcalls, all this theater is meant to bring the sheep back into the fold. The left thought it was cruising in the fast lane, and then the voters put out spike strips.

That’s what’s behind all the maniacal pronouncements by the likes of Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, the liberal MSM and the ginned up protestors.

The right, at least the so-called establishment right, seems as terrified of the results as the left, perhaps because they too discovered that voters may actually see through the veil.  Whatever their perception of the election, it seems to have totally paralyzed the GOP, whose members  now seem to be just marking time until they can lose again.

All of which proves that nothing, absolutely nothing, terrifies a politician more than when they discover their subjects aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid anymore.


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