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TGIF – Sept. 29, 2017

September 29, 2017

The left is still at war with women.

The latest attack on all those women who voted for Donald Trump comes from the former FLOTUS, who apparently wants them to believe that voting for Trump  means they were somehow browbeaten by their husbands into casting that vote, or that they are simply too stupid to recognize that they need to support the sisterhood of women above all else.

There is no woman over the age of five that doesn’t recognize a cat’s hiss when they hear it.

More to the point, when is the left going to figure out that alienating large blocks of voters is well, kinda counterproductive?

The hardening right.

“Jim” is a black teacher in the one of the southern states, born the third of seven children. Jim has taught just about every grade, but now focuses on first through third grades.

He is also one of many  increasingly vocal opponents of the left.

As a teacher he sees the destructive influence of what he calls the “culture of victimhood.” Here’s what he means by that, in his own words.

There’s an old saying that goes ‘If you want friends, learn how  to be a friend.’ The left has subverted that to teach defenseless children how to hate.

If you start out telling children that they are born with two strikes against them, as many black parents and most black leaders do, you forever doom them to hopelessness.

It is not true that being black and poor means that you are being crushed by white America.  I see the effect of that every day. Children that start out being taught to fear police very quickly learn to hate the police. Children trained to hate white people carry that message forward to successive generations.

Lost in the message is that it was white Americans who voted to outlaw the importation and ownership of slaves, or that it was a white American president who enforced the civil rights laws of the 1960’s.

We have to end, no not just end, but destroy the left’s message of class and racial warfare.

I am not blind to the existing but comparatively small white supremacy movement.  But to paint every white person with that brush is wrong.

It is far past time for the American public to root out the self-serving culture of racial exploitation and class warfare by the left. That is a far more clear and present danger to our country than ISIS will ever be. Every single time you vote for a left-wing candidate, you bring the country closer to extinction.”

Think about Jim’s message the next time you go to the polls.

When the right isn’t right.

Honestly, you wonder just how damn dumb you have to be as a Republican to repeat the mistakes of the left.

Specifically, to charge the taxpayers for your personal convenience, as HHS Secretary Price is accused of doing, or not to think about the optics of conducting the public’s business through a personal email account, as the President’s son-in-law is accused of doing.

In today’s world, just having an R after your name doesn’t excuse you from using your brain.

Many people are “suggesting” that HHS Secretary Price reimburse the taxpayers IN FULL for any private plane charters that can’t be proven to have  been absolutely necessary for the performance of his official duties.

Those same people are noting that a personal email should be used for things like confirming parent-teacher meetings, or making an appointment with your dentist, not for the business of the country.

Even ardent supporters of President Trump recognize that the honeymoon is over, and they are increasingly less inclined to give very many more passes out that condone sheer stupidity.

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