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Where’s the “Raid™” when you need it?

October 3, 2017

As the predictable political narratives took off at warp speed Monday, you have to wonder if maybe the Las Vegas shooter just decided in his warped mind that maybe the world was better off without people, since he is currently being described as not very political or religious.

After you read and listen to this crap long enough, you sort of develop a brain callous, or at least you should. You know that Hillary Clinton is going to make some sort of ill-informed remark, the NRA will be attacked, the calls to disarm all citizens will rise to a crescendo and both parties will fundraise off the tragedy.

That said, sometimes someone comes up with something so off the wall it penetrates that protective callous. That happened yesterday.

Being reported on several news sites, including international ones, are the remarks of one Hayley Geftman-Gold, described as a (now former) CBS VP and senior counsel, to the effect that she really had no sympathy for the victims, since as country music fans, they “…are often Republican gun toters.”

People like that are the reason the violence is never going to end, and like cockroaches, for every one of these partisan hacks you see, there are a hundred more like her.

It’s way past time to start calling out this broad-brush manufactured political hatred for the opportunistic self-serving BS that it is.

CBS did  the right thing and fired this humanoid cockroach, but her instinctive reaction kind of shows why we are where we are.

Other than to show what kind of person she is, this beetle-brain’s remarks just put the target on the backs of not just ordinary people enjoying a concert, but every Democrat in the country.

Some other mentally unstable person is going to retaliate for or seek to imitate Vegas. Maybe not today, or this week, or next month, but it will happen, because you can’t legislate crazy away.

There are a lot of unstable people out there, and they don’t all carry guns. Some of them use vehicles, or pressure cookers or even knives. The Vegas shooter had explosives too. The result is the same. Innocent people die

Maybe it will be at the next rock or rap concert.  Maybe at a left-wing political rally or a college protest. Maybe at a gay pride parade.

Maybe even at CBS headquarters, or a local affiliate. And all just because those groups are often perceived to be liberal Democrats?

If you have a beef with a politician or anyone else, then debate it on the merits of the issue.

As noted yesterday, we may never know what really put this man in room 32135 of the Mandalay Bay over the weekend.

But the political rubbish? That we can fix..

Where’s  the bug spray aisle?

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