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Seeing the larger picture.

October 4, 2017

The more we hear about the Las Vegas shooter, the less likely it seems that he acted without significant preplanning. He seems to have gotten very well-versed in how to tactically mount the attack. It’s unlikely he did that over a weekend.

That’s so significant it seems unlikely that he didn’t have any assistance, even if that help was either coerced or accidental.

The shooting also happened at a very opportune moment for the left.  It was not just predictable but unseemly that the howls for gun control and the ever-popular racism chant popped up almost before the shooter’s door was breached.

Whether it was simply serendipity for the left that this happened when it did or not, it certainly gives them a perfect chance to try to box the Republicans and the President into a spot where they are once again forced to defend the Second Amendment instead of getting their new legislation passed.

It certainly ended any discussion about how well the President has handled the triple natural disasters of the past thirty days, much less discussing tax cuts.

It was almost laughable to hear Nancy Pelosi talk about it being the moral duty of Congress to rewrite the Second Amendment.

Then you have an opinion columnist calling for profiling white men who own guns, playing the race card in so doing.

Actually he’s right about one thing.  We should be profiling a lot more people of all races than we do, and doing it without fear of being sued when actions and/or words warrant it.

Except that at least as far as we know now, there was no reason to profile this man.

There is a narrative out there that suggests he purchased over 40 guns just for this event.

That’s unlikely, unless he holds an FFL (Federal firearms license). Some reporting has noted that he had some of the guns for many years, suggesting that maybe he was a collector.

There is no doubt the shooter was unbalanced. Sane people don’t carry out mass shootings or carry explosives around in their cars.

Even so, we just don’t have enough facts yet to draw a clear picture of why he did it.

What we do have is a deliberate escalation of the tactic of using identity politics to fan the flames of racial and cultural division in the country.

Which leads us right back to the other dog whistle narrative, Russia. If the Matt Cohen article on CNN Money’s website is even partially accurate, Democrats either got punked, or they should perhaps be investigated for collusion too.

In short, it’s long past time to recognize this power struggle for what it is, a deliberate attempt by one group to remain in power, no matter how many people have to be hurt to do it.

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