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TGIF – October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

For the love of a dog.

It’s going to take a long time, maybe even a lifetime, for people who were in Las Vegas last Sunday to find a way to move forward. Sure, some people can talk about it easily, but most haven’t even emotionally accepted that it happened yet.

Reporters repeatedly sought out interviews with survivors, but one young man in particular stood out. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable, but he was willing to talk, and though he looked as if he was not completely OK, at least he was able to deal with being interviewed.

Until the reporter replayed a video that included the sounds of the gunshots. Then he was definitely not OK. If you ever wanted to know what PTSD looks like from the outside, he was its poster child at that moment.

When really bad things happen in your life you never forget it, but most of us learn to deal with it. Shrinks call that developing positive coping mechanisms.

One way to do that is to find something in your environment that calms you, that makes you feel less threatened, maybe even “normal” for a moment.

For some that can be a therapy dog and 17 went to Las Vegas after being invited to help as best they could.  Thanks to their people for making them available.

Past the best-used-by date?

That would kind of describe the messaging of people like Hillary Clinton. There are a lot more but she’s the one with her face all over late night TV yesterday.

And of course there are the Hollywood trolls like Nancy Sinatra on Twitter.

If you like HRC, that’s your choice, but could you at least muster up the courage to ask if all this self-serving left-wing slop is actually helping anything other than a few people’s bank accounts?

It just doesn’t seem productive to practice hate and call for peace. That’s not ying and yang, it’s dumb and dumber.

California inches closer to the edge.

Apparently it’s OK in California to ignore any Federal law you don’t like. Jerry Brown says so, as he signed the legislation making Cali a “sanctuary state,” as liberals work hard to create their version of nirvana, or what some residents are derisively calling “Cali-topia.”

If some  laws don’t matter, why bother with any of them at all? At what point does all this politically oversold compassion become a threat to the rest of us?

Those are questions that need to be answered, sooner rather than later.

Democrats reinforce “slippery slope” fears.

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, there has been a lot of concurrence that the 2010 decision that legalized “bump stocks” on the grounds that they were not integrally manufactured with the firearm needs to revisited. The NRA notes that perhaps ATF could just add some language making the act of modifying a semi-auto by any means to make it perform like an automatic is an illegal act.

For a pretty good explanation of how these things work, you can read about it here.

(BTW. If you value your gun, you don’t want to use this. Four or more  of the Las Vegas shooter’s guns were reportedly jammed. For the firearms-challenged, it works just about as well as over-clocking a computer by 1GHz. Short term gains are often offset by long-term irreversible damage.)

Great  Both sides and the gun-owning public seem to be able to agree on something. No one “needs” a bump stock, handicapped or not.

And then along comes Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her crowd to say this isn’t enough and gun control needs to “…go farther, much farther.” When asked if this was in fact a “slippery slope” Nancy replied “I hope so. I certainly hope so.”

That’s exactly why we can’t have any sort of rational discussion on the issue.

Almost immediately upon her remarks, some of the popular support for Congressional action evaporated and conversely a run started on purchasing these things, with some retailers reporting being out of stock on Thursday. Hopefully, that’s just for the novelty of owning one.

Way to go, Nancy.

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