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Your take – immigration reform.

October 10, 2017

The polarization and misinformation surrounding both legal and illegal immigration has spawned a lot of media myths.

One is that business owners and farmers are secretly in favor of illegal immigration, since “illegals work cheaper.”

“Ross”, who is both, would like to insert his two cents worth. Insofar as he knows what President Trump’s immigration policy is, he supports it.

“I own both a grain farm and a housecleaning business, both of which rely a lot on seasonal manual labor employees.

For me at least that has never meant employing the cheapest labor. Hiring based just on price is almost inevitably like buying any other substandard product. You get what you pay for.

Notice that I said “manual labor employees” NOT unskilled labor.

Both farms and consumer businesses need employees with skills. In my case I need farm employees who are not just able to drive a tractor or combine, but who have the necessary experience to do so without damaging either the equipment or the crop. I also run a hundred head or so of mother cows, so I need people who can recognize when a cow is going into labor, or when it might be getting sick or who can read and understand the instructions for administering medications. Those are skills, just like coding or social work is a skill.

My cleaning staff has to know the difference between a wool carpet and nylon and how to clean each of them. They have to know how, and want to move furniture or knick-knacks without damaging anything.  They have to be able to read and understand English, to read the directions on the cleaning products and the work orders.

I start my so-called “unskilled” labor at $10.00 an hour. If they have good work habits and can actually do what they say they can do, they can make up to $20. I pay all the required insurances and taxes for them. That’s neither cheap or exploitive.

When politicians say that the people I hire are taking jobs from Americans though, I have to object. In fact I also don’t believe that most of the DACA bunch would be very good at the skills I require.

Why?  Because we have developed a whole generation, maybe even two, of world-class elitist snobs who somehow equate working with your hands to slavery.  Go through the help wanted ads and see how many entry level jobs, like say, selling phones or appliances require at least an associate degree. That’s elitism.

As you can maybe see, most of the people who are coming across the border as illegal immigrants are of no use to me. But I don’t need some college brainwashed snob either.

I support a merit-based immigration AND a much stronger guest worker program. I support deportation, not because the people came here illegally, but because they don’t usually have the skills I, or most other employers need. The country doesn’t need more welfare recipients.

I also support making everyone play by the same rules, like e-verify. It’s true that some people are exploiting immigrants and they should be shamed and jailed for doing that.

I also understand the argument that people are fleeing oppression. I just think that they need to clean up their own countries and then they wouldn’t need to leave their homes and loved ones.

If the United Nations and the liberal left wants to really help people how about working on that?”

Don’t ever buy into the Clinton/Sanders/Pelosi/Warren mantra that Americans don’t understand the issues, or that they are somehow too stupid to bother representing.

They understand the game all too well.


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