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Can we plug the cyber sieve?

October 11, 2017

The revelation that North Korea hacked South Korea and obtained among other things, the entire military planning between the U.S. and South Korea is proof that we may need to rethink the role of cyber for any type of sensitive information, unless and until far better security can be imposed within the technology world.

That level of intrusion is a BFD.

Using the internet has become about as private and secure as posting your information on a highway billboard.

Obviously the level of magnitude is far different but it is patently obvious that the internet, as well as any proprietary intranet, has become almost something to fear instead of being, as its civilian developers intended, the great social communication tool that was first intended.

That goes far beyond whether Yahoo, Google or Target can keep your private data safe, or whether Google and Twitter should be subject to more government oversight.

If you are in the camp slobbering at the thought of self-driving cars and big rigs, think about these scenarios.

ABC Freight has a load of fertilizer on board, with stops at several Lowe’s stores. Bad guy hacks rig’s autonomous system and hijacks the entire load, pairing it up with a similarly hijacked tanker load of diesel. Both trucks are re-programmed to show that they are making all their stops as planned. How long before anyone notices and reports they didn’t get their deliveries? Too long.

Who needs a nuke?

Or you send your kids to school in your autonomous cyber-controlled car but they never arrive.

That might have sounded like a great script for a cop show or a game a few years ago. Now it’s not just possible, but probable.

And what does Congress do? Writes laws to prohibit any restrictions by local or state governments regarding oversight of autonomous vehicles.

So far the world has managed to ignore the threat posed by the complete domination of technology that has been super-imposed into our societies.  We are instead being shepherded, mostly by the left,  into focusing on skin color, gender warfare, and other divisive tribal concepts.

Does that seem odd to you?

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