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TGIF – October 13, 2017

October 13, 2017

Another bridge too far?

No one on earth probably has more right to be p.o.’d at the media and washed up entertainers and politicians than President Trump.

When he complains of fake news, it’s true all too often, but the answer isn’t in “looking at” their licenses.

It’s in proving the news is fake, over and over again. The never Trump media has already managed to thoroughly discredit itself so often that most people no longer believe anything it says anyway.

There is one avenue that always, always works when you don’t like a product.  Don’t buy it and if necessary share your negative experiences with others in the form of reviews.

After two years or so of Trump-watching, you generally know when he is serious and when he isn’t.  This came across as simple frustration, because he has to know that any real attempt by the government to censor the media is simply not going to happen.

That’s due to a little thing called the First Amendment. Just because the left wants to gut it doesn’t give anyone the license to do so.

We may all wish the original framers of the Constitution had been able to look ahead to the present day and included a statement about veracity of speech, but they didn’t.

That’s our job. We were supposedly all born with a brain to go with our ears and mouth, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like everyone was in line when the brains were issued.

It’s tedious as hell to have to fact check everything, but that’s the price we pay to live here today.

Trust your people, Mr. President. Give them your side, don’t lie to them, and they’ll take it from there.

Those weird polls

Musings is not a big fan of polls, but it seems that they aren’t going away. Still, you have to wonder not only how slanted they are, but what is in people’s minds when they answer them.

Case in point. Quinnipiac released a poll on October 11, with the headline reading in part “October 11, 2017 – U.S. Voters Feel Good About Economy, But Not Trump.”

Somehow, from the answers to questions on the economy Americans aren’t connecting the improving economy to the President, and that’s strange.

Of course that may be due to a great number of people who view him either through the lens of race or gender issues, or who just don’t think they like him as a person.

Certainly he has a habit of popping off with the first thing that enters his head, and that’s probably not a smart move for anyone, but especially not for the leader of the free world.

Still, an awful lot of people are admitting that they have more money in their pockets since he took office. It would be interesting to sit a few dozen of them down and ask them what, if not Trump and his policies, they think has caused that.

Inclusiveness or PC naiveté?

What’s your take on the Boy Scouts going co-ed?

Most people find it unnecessary, but a certain percentage of both girls and their parents say that the real question should be, does it benefit the kids?

Certainly, with multiple slugs like Harvey Weinstein in the news, one faction thinks it would be good for both sexes to learn to work together respectfully at a younger age.

Some girls say they just want to be able to earn the same badges that boys do (shame on the GSA for not tending to this decades ago), and some seem to be nascent women’s libbers-in-training.

And there is an element out there that truly seems to want to believe there is no difference between the sexes.

Quite frankly, the Boy Scouts have had enough scandals already that to believe this won’t cause trouble is pretty naïve, and might be taking PC way too far.

Unfortunately, girls and boys are different, especially as they enter puberty. It would take a troop leader with the instincts of a cop, eyes in the back of their heads and the patience of Job to make this work.

All in all, this is a social experiment that doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s best interests, unless the two organizations simply merge.

Insurance companies primed to spike Trump’s EO?    

Watch for insurance companies and liberal states to oppose President Trump’s EO on Obamacare reform by refusing to write or accept cross-border individual policies. Also, putting together these consumer coalitions will require some expert guidance to construct workable coalitions (similar to the NFIB) without running afoul of union organizing laws.


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