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TGIF- October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017

Honor wins.

There’s a certain Florida representative who wound up looking pretty damn small Thursday. You know the one…the woman who wears her Halloween costume to work on  many days, wearing a symbol of a culture in which she would last about as long as a snowball in hell. Ah well, to each their own, as they say.

Stand her up against White House Chief of Staff and Marine general (ret.) John Kelly during a televised address to the press Thursday afternoon, and she might not even reach his big toe, hat and all.

If you didn’t watch the whole thing you should. Suffice it to say that anything that can completely  silence a room full of press hyenas for 18 minutes or so  is powerful.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

Honestly, is anything dumber than a university,  school boards or even a grade school banning costumes or making rules about Halloween costumes?

Well yes, there is, but that would ruin the meme.

Several colleges have already put out lists of what is or isn’t “acceptable attire” , i.e. politically correct costumes, depending on your race.

Perhaps the best idea would simply be to go as a nudist. After all, it’s pretty hard to “culturally misappropriate” your own skin.

Senator Paul still out of sync.

Senator Rand Paul has been all over the airwaves pontificating about how there are very few “real” conservatives in Congress.

Yesterday his amendment to the budget legislation to decrease discretionary spending by 43 billion dollars went down in flames, with the final tally being 95 against and 5 in agreement.

One thing about Senator Paul never changes. He is absolutely convinced of his own righteousness.

That’s not to say that having a revenue-neutral budget is a bad goal.  It isn’t.

It just isn’t very realistic, given all the things that would need to be unwound to make it happen right now.

Things like unlawful, unconstitutional subsidy payment to insurers for instance. Or the money needed to adequately fund the armed forces after years of shortages that are now costing lives both on and off the battlefield.

According to casualty reports 56 people have died in non-combat training accidents this year,  more than have been killed in combat.

The ambush that killed four servicemen in Niger might have been prevented by having drone surveillance, but there weren’t enough drones available to deploy them with the soldiers that day.

Still, and in spite of him, the budget framework passed. You have to wonder what he gains out of constantly being part of the white noise in that background.

Niger and the FBI- Why?

News also broke yesterday that the FBI, which is the national domestic police force, is now being inserted into the after-operation review of the attack that killed four American servicemen in Niger.

Watch this story.

This is not SOP for a military review. The FBI is supposed to police criminal conduct within the borders of the United States. It has no military jurisdiction here or overseas.

Indeed, according to the media (and you have to consider the source), one of the more salient facts of the attack is already known, namely that the meeting with the tribal leaders lasted longer than expected.

That meeting didn’t take place within our borders.

Stay tuned.

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