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TGIF- October 27, 2017.

October 27, 2017

Sequels rarely equal the original.

Is Mark Cuban the next Donald Trump?  Who knows?

On the face of his interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin, it doesn’t seem likely, but hey, very few people thought Donald Trump was much of a contender either.

Certainly there are some superficial similarities. Both are rich and well-known, both have TV and business experience, and both lean right in some of their views, but tend to bend left on social issues, Mr. Cuban more left than President Trump.

Mr. Cuban indicated he would probably run under the GOP banner, but like President Trump, he fits better as a third party independent candidate, if we had a viable third party option.

The interview didn’t produce the feeling that Mr. Cuban has actually studied at least some of the issues even as much as Donald Trump had, pre-candidacy. There was almost a flippancy in the tone of the interview, making those who watched wonder if he wasn’t just having a little fun with the media Or, maybe, he was just fishing for feedback.

Even Mr. Cuban said that if he didn’t feel he had something substantive to offer, he would not run, and he didn’t offer up much along those lines.

Of perhaps more importance is whether the time and place will be right either in 2020 or 2024.

That’s largely going to depend on how well the President does the job his backers sent to Washington to do.

Have Democrats been “Klinked?”

For those of you who don’t remember it, or don’t catch it on one of the nostalgia rebroadcast channels, the 1965-1971 TV show “Hogan’s Heroes” was a cute (and actually funny) comedy about American POW’s being held by a bumbling group of German captors. One of the characters, German Colonel Klink, had a tag line that went “I know Nothing. Nothing!” when actually, he did.

That seems to be the automatic response from every Democrat whose name is mentioned in connection with Fusion GPS. And that’s a comedy of sorts too.

Thus the question…have they all been Klinked?

Ah well, what can you expect from a party whose leader has obviously never even read the Constitution, as proven by his claim that the electoral college isn’t even in the document (Article II, Section 1)?

Closing the week

The President declared war on opioid addiction this week.  Whether you think he can win that war or not, he did say one thing in his address that needed to be said.

He called on the researchers and pharma companies to develop better non-addictive medications to manage pain.

The danger in any of these campaigns is in throwing the baby out with the bath water.

In his zeal to stop the illegal use of drugs, the President and others have seemed to try to lay a lot of the blame on the drug manufacturers and doctors, often lumping them into the same box as the street dealers.

Anecdotal comments from patients dealing with both acute and chronic pain report that some doctors are now all but refusing to write prescriptions for any narcotics at all, instead referring patients to pain management  or physical therapy clinics.

All that does is add another costly step into the already over-priced medical care arena, since those clinics have no viable alternative to opioid medications for pain control either.

If we can send a spacecraft to Mars, we should be able to handle this too. Maybe less rockets, and better meds?

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