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Why pay to teach your kids how to hate?

October 30, 2017

For some strange reason, you can only be labeled as a racist or xenophobe if you are not a liberal and  say something about a “person of color” or someone with origins from another country.

By that reasoning, it just isn’t possible for a liberal arts professor to be a racist and xenophobe when he disses on white people of Irish-Catholic ancestry.

That refers to the article reprinted by Newsweek and penned by a person identified as Franklin and Marshall College professor Van E. Gosse.

Of course, he wasn’t referring to all people of Irish origin. Just the high-profile ones on TV identified as conservatives. The ones that stayed reliably within the Democratic party and spout the liberal line are apparently still an OK sort.

It’s not exactly clear what he would think about conservatives of say, Italian-Catholic ancestry, like oh, say, the former mayor of New York City.

So far, nothing has hit the airwaves about what Franklin and Marshall College, apparently a  fairly highly rated liberal arts institution whose 2017-18 tuition and first year communal style living arrangement room and board combined is reported to be nearly $68,000, thinks about all this.

OK, OK, it’s free speech, and actually he seems more upset about these people being conservatives and having a national platform than he is about from whence their parents or grandparents came.

Traitors to the cause and all that, maybe?

That’s actually not the point.

The point is, aren’t we supposed to be past the time where we identify people as micks, spics, dagos, chinks or papists?

It is perfectly fine to be divided on issues. It would be a pretty dull world if we all thought about everything the same way.

Perhaps the day will come when we  discuss poverty only in terms of increasing job opportunity and relevant job skills, when bad schools are simply defined as such without vilifying or excusing them based on the racial or ethnic quotas of the student body, and when criminals are simply people who break the law.

But obviously we aren’t there yet, and we will never be there as long as we continue to expose our children to figures in authority who inculcate into our children the dogma of identity politics.

This begins while your children are at home.  Get involved. Find out if they are being exposed to and even taught identity politics at school or in the community. If so, you might ask yourself if that’s the best use of your tax and tuition dollars.

Remember. The school isn’t responsible for raising decent human beings. Parents are, and the first person they learn attitudes from is you.



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